[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou know how you can tell when the liberal media is so liberal they don’t even know how liberal they are? When liberal news anchors at a major national news network report with utter contempt for a politician, in a manner in which they believe everyone in the room agrees with them. Enter CNN’s Carol Costello today.


Rightscoop.com writes it up, with video:
“So sit back and enjoy!” – Smug CNN host can barely contain her excitement over new Palin ‘brawl’ audio

Daily caller also has it, with transcript:
CNN Anchor Mocks Bristol Palin’s Account Of Assault: ‘The Best Audio We’ve Ever Come Across’ [VIDEO]

Wow. So tone-deaf, so smug, it’s actually incredible to watch. So mind-numbingly stupid, and without objectivity, so full of that smugness and arrogance we’ve all come to know about so much of the liberal media’s reporting. It is hatred on display; and it’s just a stunning example of the failure of the mainstream liberal media.

The irony, or one of the ironic things, here, is that CNN’s Costello is literally mocking a woman complaining to police of violence against her. Who mocks that? What if it were Obama’s daighter in that situation – or any Democrat’s daughter? (A “War on Women®?” Yeah. And this example brought to you by the Democrat’s CNN division). And the biggest irony is that Costello has herself made a piece of video that is among the most cringe-worthy and mock-worthy of the journalism we conservatives always complain about, that we’ve ever seen; and vindicates our complaint. It could literally be used by journalism schools to teach students what the very worst journalism looks like.

It’s impossible to make claim to any journalistic integrity or credibility, after this. But they will.

One wonders what one of their more reasonable journalists, say Jake Tapper, feels about this reporting.

CNN’s bad, but Costello is in particular a very difficult watch, even at the best of times. And we usually choose other options, even MSNBC. We believe she at or near the top of the list of anchors or reporters at that failing network primarily responsible for CNN’s horrible ratings. But this theatrical performance – sort of the opposite of fair and balanced reporting – is so low, that it’s almost impossible to believe she can retain her job. But she will.

This is acceptable to CNN? Yeah, it’s like we’re in Bizzaro World.

There’s some tweets of disgust over at NewsQuips.com.
Sample tweets, just a couple out of dozens yesterday and today:




….And there are many more, including a few at Twitchy.com.


Breitbart reports that Carol Costello has apologized…. TO THEM ONLY. Not on air. And not to the general public, and not to the Palins. CNN’S CAROL COSTELLO APOLOGIZES FOR ‘JOKING’ ABOUT BRISTOL PALIN’S ASSAULT AUDIO

UPDATE: According to CNN, Costello will not apologize on the air. “No, she will not,” was the official response. (See above article)

UPDATE: Apparently the apology memo was sent to a few outlets, including Politico.com, which wrote it up.