Funny how so many liberals in the U.S. are saying they’re going to move to Canada if Trump wins.

Aside from Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, who have said nearly identical things on immigration over the years, and aside from just about every sensible person in North America, Australia, or Europe, a leadership candidate for Canada’s Conservative Party (to replace former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, defeated in last year’s election) says enhanced screening of immigrants is necessary.

Conservative leadership candidate Tony Clement says he will propose enhanced immigration screening as part of his platform to protect Canadians from potential terrorists. …

“We should be increasing screening to weed out people who have backgrounds that indicate that they have been involved in terrorist organizations or militant organizations that pose a threat to the country,” Mr. Clement told The Globe and Mail.

He’s not the only one of course.

Mr. Clement was responding to fellow candidate Kellie Leitch’s idea to screen immigrants for so-called “anti-Canadian values,” which includes intolerance towards religions and sexual orientation, as well as misogyny or violent behaviour.

And what’s more…

A recent Globe and Mail/Nanos survey also found that almost 75 per cent of Canadians support or somewhat support strengthening the screening process for immigrants from regions such as the Middle East.

Maybe the liberals should just move to the middle east.