Part 2
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The liberal Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail and its intrepid television-viewing expert, the flaming left-wing couch potato John Doyle, are squirming because they fear being exposed as the lefties that they are.  This plaintive outing of liberal media experts such as John Doyle is painful to watch. 

Oh who am I kidding—it’s a hoot. 

Unable to contain his bias against anything “right-wing”, such as darn-near half the population of North America, TV-watching genius cum political wizard Doyle chose to “diss” Fox News and the possibility of the Canadian Cable Operators finally being able to satisfy growing Canadian demand for that cable pay channel in their application to the CRTC last week.

Their previous application was rejected—they’re trying again because they couldn’t believe that the liberal Canadian government was actually going to be that flagrantly dictatorial by censoring anything that isn’t left-wing liberal-speak like the Canadian left’s prized state-run media giant, the CBC, and not allow a different political perspective like that from Fox News.

If the Canadian Cable Operators Association wins its approval from the almighty Canadian state media regulator the CRTC and its unelected bureaucrats, then Rogers Cable and Shaw Cable and other Canadian cable companies will actually be allowed to broadcast a non-extreme-left-wing TV station!  The horrors! 

Doyle has his panties in a knot over this, perhaps because he hasn’t been paying attention to anything other than the points of view expressed on Canadian TV (left-wing, and oh-so-very left-wing).

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