UPDATE!  The CBC has now changed their front page to feature the Harper interview.  (–moments ago)


The state-owned and taxpayer-funded CBC makes a huge deal out of the interviews their network news anchor Peter Mansbridge always holds with all the party leaders at every election.  “Exclusive interview with…” they blast all over their web site immediately afterward (notwithstanding that other networks do interviews with the leaders all the time too, so, “exclusive” is rather, well, a lie.  But anyway).

First up was the NDP’s Jack Layton.  Huge deal, they tout.  “Exclusive!”  It was naturally featured on their site’s front page along with what I plainly see as all their other anti-conservative news of the day. (BONUS! A big story on “Earth Day!”, above the one about this Good Friday Easter holy day).

Then on Tuesday afternoon it was the Liberal Party’s Michael Ignatieff’s interview.  And of course they immediately featured that interview on its front page so folks would watch that clip.  For example, here’s the big featured picture and link:

Oh wait.  Hang on.  Sorry.  That’s what they’re featuring today, April 22, 2011, at 10:56 AM EDT.  Which is the day after they had the interview with Prime Minister Harper. They interviewed Ignatieff days ago, on Tuesday.  So that’s odd.  No no sorry let me rephrase that.  “CBC. Know More.  Know Now.”

Their interview with Stephen Harper is buried along with the list of other news also-rans, with the pedantic headline “Won’t try to govern from 2nd place: Harper”, as if just another politics headline.

So in other words all is perfectly normal for the state-owned CBC.


State-owned media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution.