The IRS hearings today are revealing a lot more about the IRS, Democrats, and big government, than the IRS, Democrats, and big government might have wanted.

IRS hearings today:

  • The IRS has “model T”-era computers, according to the Commissioner, Mr. Koskinen. Which is a claim he made as a way to defend the IRS “losing” Lois Lerner’s emails.And which he obviously thinks is an acceptable answer.
  • IRS-2014-06-20_075220One Democrat Congressman said, in his apparent defense of the IRS (the propriety of which should itself be the subject of our scorn, since this is a search for the truth), that his office “just upgraded to Windows 2010.” This is a product which doesn’t exist.
  • Why in tarnation does any government, which spends two trillion dollars per year, fail to implement a computer backup, maintenance, and upgrade program? The IRS has “Model T computers?” Should this massive failure of government not be the subject of another congressional inquiry? Should Mr. Science ‘n Spend-A-Lot Obama be asked about this?
  • IRS Commissioner: “The problem right now is when someone wants information, we have to pull from 90,000 employees,” unwittingly admitting that the IRS is way, way, too big.
  • Another Democrat said he wants to thank the IRS Commissioner “for his service.” Like he’s a brave heroic soldier. Why do liberals thank extremely well-paid public servants who can’t be fired and have Cadillac pension plans “for their service,” as if it’s volunteer work for the handicapped?
  • One Democrat complains that the IRS shouldn’t be forced to respond to these questions, because it keeps them from doing their job. Which he thinks is a bad thing.
  • Democrats repeatedly apologized to the IRS Commissioner, for the way the hearings are being conducted. “Like an inquisition rather than a hearing.” This is delightful inasmuch as an IRS audit is not commonly described as a “day in the park,” and certainly not as a “tea party.”
  • Dana Bash, on CNN’s scant report on the hearing, just said that “Congress” – then corrected herself – “Republicans” are so mad about it. It’s true. Dems don’t care/defend.
  • The IRS Commissioner said that maybe if the NSA was monitoring all of our emails, they have copies of the Lois Lerner emails. Wow. Big, huge, intrusive, meddling government, run amok.