The most fun today is seeing how the various newspapers covered their Weiners — mostly in the case of the left-wing newspapers. The Democrats’ New York Times division, for example, has several stories on Anthony Weiner (D) today, but they never mention “Democrat” or (D) or DEM or liberal or progressive, as far as I could find. Nice fig leaf coverage, NYT! Protect your assets! (Or is that asses? Why yes it is.)

In one article, though, an opinion piece by Frank Bruni, they managed to be even bigger dinks than they usually are, by bringing Mr. — yes you guessed it — Trump into it. Trump has so much to do with this right? This is a fair, quality paper right here folks:

When Trump looks in the mirror, there’s a whole lot of Weiner staring back at him.
~Frank Bruni, New York Times

Sha-WING! That’s just fantastic, NYT. I bet Bush could be brought into this too, if ya think about it! (But not Hillary, Bill, Nancy, not even Harry.)

After that laugh riot Bruni goes on making out like Trump and Weiner are exaaaactly the same in every which way, in a painfully strained bit of garbage writing. Bruni’s likely a Democrat too, and yet JUST like his talk of Weiner, I see no admission of that either. See they’re EXACTLY the same.

Here’s the cover of the NYT. Oh look at how they missed the opportunity to lose the word “Texts” (and the apostrophe s in Weiner’s)!  Oh and yet again they also accidentally missed yet another opportunity to mention that the subject, Weiner, is a Democrat even though this is a pure politics story about politicians and elections and Democrats!


The New York Post had a lot more fun with it, although they too neglected to mention the Democrat’s Democraticness: