[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h happy day. This sway is being offered by the Dems today via email. How cheery. And how charming.

And hey, what a “grown-up” (pace Joe Biden) and positive way to accept the election results — and America’s representative democracy — and cheerily move on. How, you know, progressive!

By the way it’s being sold for a whopping $30. Hardly something the average working-guy can pick up on a whim, especially after the “holiday” time of “seasonal values” or whatever they call Christmas. And hardly something anybody would pick up if they didn’t want to appear as a total gloomy-face whiny-loser-douchebag.

In case you want to fact-check the made-in-America cred or lack thereof, they claim “Our t-shirt is printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton (right here in the USA)”.  Huh? So is it made in the U.S. or not? Maybe you have to buy one before you can find out what’s in it, à la Nancy Pelosi.

Of course using this kind of obfuscatory language is DC slimy, if as I suspect, it is meant to fake you into believing it is wholly made in the USA, while it is actually made in China or Vietnam and only printed in the U.S. — and oh hey — by union workers earning “living wages” in “equitable work environments” with unisex bathrooms, etc (yawn)?

Taking the high, grown-up road, would suggest creating a t-shirt reading “Happy Inauguration!” or “Here’s to the next election!” or something remotely pro-American and positive, rather than something suggesting “We’re Pathetic.” If you want to make America suck again, buying one of these would be one way to go about it.