Trump lost two. Clinton lost seven but only four of those were successful in ditching her.

Oh my. So much left-wing losing.

CNN and MSNBC look now like they did on election night again. Morose. Mad. Almost as bad as election night, or the night Fidel Castro died. And they’re suddenly covering all the other news this evening.

After the liberal media pressed the issue as best they could for their Hillary, and left-wing Hillary-luvin’ celebrities sang and danced, protested, scolded and warned, and generally made complete asses of themselves, and SJWs and the millennial naive set all protested and shouted a lot; the Electors kept the faith and voted for Trump today.

Two Trump voters broke the faith and voted for someone else (Ron Paul and John Kasich).

Three Hillary supporters tried to but failed as they were quickly replaced to prevent them from changing their vote for someone besides Hillary, as their states don’t allow their electors to go rogue. But four Hillary electors In Washington State successfully changed their Hillary vote to someone else as that state allows it: three voted for the socialist Bernie Sanders, and one genius broke the faith and voted, rather ironically, for an Indian activist named Faith Spotted Eagle. I’m sure the irony flew like an eagle over the elector’s vacuous (and possibly spotted) head.

In Washington State Clinton, received only 8 of the 12 electoral votes. Three electors voted for former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell, while another voted for the Native American activist.

Washington State also voted against their Vice President candidate, choosing a bunch of others instead.

It was literally a rebellion against Hillary Clinton, rather than against Donald Trump, as the media, once again making a complete ass of themselves, wrongly predicted.