What’s new today? Oh not much. Just pro-Syrian President Bashar al-Assad hackers taking down a little community newspaper. AssadWell “community” inasmuch as it’s the Washington DC community and the paper is the Washington Post.

The Washington Post building is around four blocks away from the White House. And a few more blocks away from the U.S. Capital Building.

The Syrian Electronic Army sounds like some sort of futuristic, fantasy robo-army. But it’s active today. And it’s very effective. They’ve attacked several Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and major web sites besides the Washington Post.

Washington_Post_Aug_15_2013_re_SEAAssad made a televised speech in 2011 in which he commended and endorsed the SEA. He described it as a real army in virtual reality.

“Young people have an important role to play at this stage, because they have proven themselves to be an active power. There is the electronic army which has been a real army in virtual reality…”

So we have a Syrian president-sanctioned “army” of cyber warriors attacking citizens and businesses in the United States. Yawn. Just a small but rather striking, scarey indication of just how seriously dangerous things are getting in the world while Barack Hussein Obama golfs and vacays in Martha’s Vineyard and his acolytes freak out over a rodeo clown mocking his O-highness.