How to be liberal or socialist or any other brand of progressive: lesson one: history begins exactly when you need it to begin. For example, it doesn’t start when federally-funded (and state, and local, no doubt) “artists” create “art” of, say, Jesus floating in the artist’s urine, and then that art is displayed at taxpayer-funded museums, or when “art” is created and presented in publicly-funded museums wherein Mary is covered in elephant dung. Rather it starts when somebody truly great to them  —  namely President Barack Hussein Obama  —  is lightheartedly mocked at a state fair by a silly clown at a bull-riding competition. That’s when history really begins.

And this is when taxpayer funding of things and the activities of the recipients must be carefully scrutinized by the government. Well actually, it’s complicated. When conservative and “tea party” groups apply to the IRS for tax-exempt status, that’s when the importance of scrutiny starts, especially if it is before Obama is running for re-election and Democrats want to win the Congress. It takes a break when progressive groups apply for tax-exempt status. But then it restarts again when conservative groups apply again. And then when House hearings begin looking into the obvious anti-conservative political corruption at the IRS, the phoney-earnest and phoney-concerned Democrats like Obama don their clown outfit, and call it a “phoney scandal” which is really just designed, like the rodeo clown, to distract from the Obama “successes” like the Obama economy and Obamacare. Which, coincidentally, is like so much bull flying around the Obama clown.

Show Me Progress photo of clown/Obama at the state fair.

The Democrats have forgotten about the IRS scandal already, or are at least trying to (damn that Fox News Channel!), even though it has only just begun and the freedom from tyranny and the very liberty of Americans is at stake. They have found a new, more important, more urgent, and a truly serious matter: the Obama is being mocked by a clown, scandal. This, is really. Really. Awful. “Shameful,” said one Democratic Senator. Here’s the headline, from the good

Clown Dresses As Obama At MO State Fair, Democrats Cry “Racism®”

The article by conservative Dana Loesch spells out the story but the headline itself made me snicker, what with the ® sign, after “racism” in quotes. The subsequent Twitter posts  —  both from supposedly “outraged” leftists and from really funny conservatives  —  made me laugh out loud last night.

Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill led the official charge with the likes of Why, I’m duly outraged and aghast at the disgrace and un-American act of of publicly mocking our president and using such comedic anecdotes! [the word “Democratic” before “president” was craftily left out]. She actually billowed, with great outrage, this: “The State Fair is funded by taxpayer dollars” … as if that’s why it’s wrong.

Other clowns, er, liberals chimed in with the now ubiquitous OMG the, um, racism  —  yeah, the racism! To which most conservatives rolled-their eyes at the stupid clowns who said it.

The fact that a Senator from a big, huge liberal government felt it was necessary to chime in at all on a little thing like this strikes me as akin to a wild charge by a big-ass bull on a meager rodeo clown. Hey! That’s exactly what is was! Mow that clown down, McCaskill!

But are we to take from McCaskill’s remarks that this sort of thing is out of line… because it is taxpayer-funded? It’s not allowed on that basis? Since when?

She says this clown is “shameful and it’s unacceptable.” Does she mean generally, or because it’s state-funded? It’s an important distinction.

To be sure, as a conservative, I wouldn’t taxpayer-fund that fair or any fair at all. Period. But if McCaskill’s outrage is because it’s taxpayer-funded, this logic of hers obviously leads one to question whether she thinks receiving tax dollars means freedom of speech is then suspended for the recipient, and is instead limited or directed to whatever it is that the government in power at the time deems is acceptable. For example, “Obama is a great leader  —  the greatest in history. Let us honor him today at this great state-funded fair!”

Notwithstanding the publicly-funded “art” I alluded to at the beginning of this article, and many other such examples you can easily think of on your own, intellectually honest people with a truer sense of recent history recall vividly when George W. Bush was repeatedly treated to exactly this kind of clown humor or far worse, and how we heard crickets from the hypocrites of the Left  —  in fact we heard argument in favor of the various freedoms afforded by the constitution and by God Himself (from liberals!),  and their downright advocating and encouragement of increased activity such as that, with demands for even more taxpayer funding to “empower” more people to do it.

And let’s not even go to the sordid, left-wing mob harassment and haranguing aimed at former vice-presidential nominee and Governor Sarah Palin, not only by Dems (both taxpayer-funded and otherwise) but by their news media division (both publicly-funded and private), and from within publicly-funded schools, and from virtually every other liberal-leftist, all of whom feared her and her hard-won popularity and joined the left-wing movement to stop her. In the Palin example, liberals chose to denounce not the harassers, but rather to join in and bash Sarah Palin herself. They chose the lowest possible road to demean and insult and defame and harass her and her family, and still do, to this very day. Dems never, ever talk about that. Not even the many taxpayer-funded women’s groups or those anti-bullying brigades talk about that. I’ve never heard one say it’s “shameful and it’s unacceptable.”

So, you see, it’s only liberals and Democrats who must be shielded from this kind of clown act.

But when you take a step back and look with a broader perspective to the history that might unfold, there is even more fruit to bear than the clown-act idiocy at hand today (by which I mean at the rodeo, just for clarification). Here’s a reader comment from someone named fightnright to the story at

“For base comedy, this is all just too much low-hanging fruit.

“But if I was an African American woman or man, hoping for history to make my children and grandchildren proud of the first black President, I’d be less disturbed about masked clowns at rodeos and far more concerned that Barack Obama’s legacy will be that of an unqualified, removed, elite onlooker under whose watch cities went bankrupt, medical costs went higher, racial tensions flared, foreign policy floundered, American ambassadors and staff were murdered and dragged through the streets, while an economy was on the critical list and its jobless victims were ignored.

“Compared to that, Dem cries of racism are the real sideshow.”

At which point I’d drop the mic.

Lesson two for liberals should be: get real, with additional guest lectures denouncing their hypocrisy and dishonesty and helpful clinics provided to help them thicken their thin skins. These are easy topics which any rodeo clown could teach them.