Fox News Channel strengthens against faultering CNN, MSNBC


CNN’s ratings are tanking again, while further left MSNBC also dipped, last month. The number one rated Fox News Channel, however, held its own and even rose a little.

CNN Has Lowest-Rated Month In More Than A Decade In April

It’s no April Fool’s joke — last month CNN delivered its lowest-rated month in total day in over a decade, since August 2001, the month before the September 11 attacks. The once-dominant cable news network posted decade-lows among both total viewers (357,000) and Adults 25-54 (108,000). Versus April last year, CNN was down 21% in total viewers and 29% in 25-54. In comparison, leader Fox News CHannel was up 2% in total viewers (1.1 million) and 1% in 25-54 (273,000) and No.2 MSNBC was flat in total viewers (425,000) and down 5% in 25-54 (139,000). …


I think people are tiring of left-wing news organizations which aren’t open and honest about where they’re coming from.

Fox News Channel claims to have a “fair and balanced” news package, and in fact their straight-up news reports are that. The other news outlets don’t or can’t match them that way. In fact they dispute the Fox News Channel’s claim on the basis that FNC allows conservatives to say things, thus making it unfair. Seriously. That’s their absurd logic.

But insofar as their analysis of news, they are right up front with their various prime-time hosts’ right-leaning political ideologies. Sean Hannity, for example, makes absolutely no bones about the fact he’s conservative (though not Republican, necessarily  —  an important distinction). Watch FNC’s “The Five” and you know where each of the panelists are coming from. Nobody is trying to hide anything. The “Factor,” Bill O’Reilly, states over and over that he’s a “traditionalist,” strongly suggesting in every way a level of conservatism, but reminds us that he’s a registered independent. And he often unnerves me in his effort to be so …. non-committal, since I watch FNC partly to get the view from the right. He fights with his many daily liberal guests, mostly because they’re wrong, they demagogue every issue, they obfuscate, divert, mislead, and filibuster, but some of his wildest exchanges are with conservative Ann Coulter. A frequent fill-in host for his show is liberal Juan Williams.

Fox News Channel’s analysis of news certainly leans right or is at least tolerant of conservatives, unlike the other cable or news shows or channels. If Fox News Channel didn’t exist, the conservative side would be almost entirely missing from the TV news options available. People clearly appreciate all of that, as they are by far the number one cable news channel.

MSNBC has no straight-up news, or so little I’ve never seen any, even though they’re run by NBC News. And like NBC News and all the rest of the tiresome, group-think, consensus liberal mainstream media, they are liberal-left. And that’s now become a bore. But they’re even more so. They’re so hideously in the tank for liberals and even further, more extreme leftists, few of their on-air talent could  —  or do  —  dispute it. In fact, at least one anchor, Lawrence O’Donnell, proudly proclaims he is a full-on socialist  — not even just a regular old liberal or Democrat. And others are likewise clearly in that same sinking far-left boat, even though they don’t say so.

It’s one thing to lean left or right. But MSNBC, even more than the rest of the the mainstream TV and radio media, is so leftist and so unfairly anti-conservative, independents in the audience can’t stand them for long. Where Fox will bring on lefties and entertain their talking points and their lunacy, MSNBC will forgo the balance and push it way, way too far, often hitting conservatives way below the belt. Far too often, instead of analyzing the news and advancing ideas, they take to insulting conservatives, and making it personaly insulting. Of course that’s what liberals do when they can’t debate the facts emanating from conservatives (heard almost exclusively at Fox News Channel), and they have run out of ideas. Take Rachel Maddow. She’s overly and arrogantly glib, she’s nasty and tendentious in her questioning of conservatives, and then overly, helpfully leading with liberals. She’s just unlikable as a general matter. Ed Shultz is beyond simply mean and insulting and intolerant of conservatives. Another MSNBC anchor, Chris Matthews, is funny without even trying, what with his fawning “thrills up his leg” whenever Barack Obama speaks. Their “Reverend” Al Sharpton is nothing but a race-baiting, left-wing shill — and he’s shrill about it. And that’s when you can even understand what he’s saying. And he’s obtuse, to boot. So that explains that third-place network.

Over at CNN, though, they portray themselves as being right in the center, fair and square, non-committal politically, and actually, they posit themselves (just like Barack Obama deceptively did during his election campaign of 2007-08, and again this election cycle) as being above the tawdry political fray. Well we now all know just how extreme Obama actually is in his political partisanship. And just like with their man Barack Obama, that non-partisan play can be seen at CNN to be nothing but pure bunk. Deception. When you watch CNN  —  especially if you’re a Fox News Channel viewer and are therefore educated as to alternative (i.e. conservative) viewpoints  —  you can easily smell the odious leftward gas. They favor liberals and Democrats, and sometimes their disdain for conservatives and Republicans is palpable. Watch their Soledad O’Brien for three minutes and you’ll be convinced. And regular people don’t like that.

Just why CNN is seen as being fair and square and right down the middle is not a mystery to me. It’s seen that way by people who have only ever seen or heard a left-wing, and (for balance!) a further left-wing, presentation of the news and social affairs. Misinformed people.


So Fox News Channel beats them all in all-day ratings, and in each of the time slots as well. Most of the time, their viewer numbers equal all of the others’ combined. That’s how dominant Fox News Channel is.

Total Day  P2+ (000s)   25-54 (000s)   35-64 (000s)
FNC       1,190            305            522
CNN         327            100            135
MSNBC         467            122            202
CNBC         159             43             89
FBN           61             10             24
HLN         213             78            119


Net 8PM P2+ (000s) 25-54 (000s) 35-64 (000s)
FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR       2,472            486            898
CNN Anderson Cooper 360         557            169            267
MSNBC Ed Show         965            179            347
CNBC CRIME INC: COUNTERFEIT         107             41             33
HLN Nancy Grace         494            121            246

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