This is not necessarily typical of the comments there today  —  I mean it might be, I’m just not sure.  I just can’t stomach spending that much time at that far-left web site (in Canada  — not North Korea!) anymore these days, to check it out more thoroughly.  But there’s more than enough of them just like it on their other stories, on a frequent enough basis for me, that this helps solidify the position of that far-left, state-owned, state-funded broadcaster behemoth, the idiotic CBC, and its awful web site (in Canada! Not North Korea!), as among the worst and furthest left-wing media outlets  —  in North America.

Here’s one of the first comments on the news article about the death of the evil, extreme left-wing communist dictator Kim Jong Il.  It’s from someone “named” Sky_of_the_Galaxy and was posted on 2011/12/19 at 5:41 AM ET (it’s reprinted textually below that in case the graphic is too small for reading on your capitalist-invented smartphone).  Note that comments at the state-owned broadcaster (in Canada!  Not North Korea!)  are pre-screened and moderated by the state-owned broadcaster’s unionized staff:

State-owned CBC Communist Commenters

You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re reading satire.  But you’re not reading satire.

[REPRINT:] “To everyone calling this man dangerous, let me ask you this: How many lives did Kim Jong take compared to Bush, Harper, etc with their illegal wars?

Compares to the West, North Korea is one of the most peacefull countries in the world.

Just think about that.

Also, I argue that because of countries like North Korea, our world is a lot more peaceful as they tend to keep the Western Powers in check..

My condolences to the people of North Korea and as a Communist myself, I mourn the loss of a great comrad.

You will always be a Dear Leader to me.

Let us hope that with these Occupy Wall Street protests and a generation of leftist thinking young people being born, our world is finally on the birth of a new Communism 2.0.

Stay strong.”

I’ve come to expect this sort of comment on that far-left web site, in which I’ve carefully documented, over several years, tons of comments that are so far left, and/or so hateful and/or intolerant of anything but extreme left-wing fundamentalism. But it still shocks many Americans and Canadians to see this sort of thing on a supposedly mainstream, and moreover, a state-owned, taxpayer-funded web site.

I’ve said for years that the dreadful CBC is easily one of the most divisive, hateful, far-left web sites in North America.

So many Canadians want the CBC to be sold-off or ditched completely.  Some just because they’re simply embarrassed that their country has a state-owned media.

I, for one, have constantly demanded its demise, over the years, on principle.  After all, North Korea and its government aside, what kind of government competes against its own citizens in business?  Or for audience? Especially in the forum of entertainment, and news, and ideas, and discussion, and even more so, in the forum of news and analysis of politics!  Using taxpayers’ own dollars! Bearing in mind it’s not North Korea we’re talking about!

I’ve said state-owned media should be banned and that notion enshrined in the constitution of Canada and any freedom-loving democratic country built on Judeo-Christian beliefs and free-market capitalism, as Canada was.  But this is to say nothing of the insane economic cost (well over $1.2 BILLION in annual taxpayer funding for this idiocy, government-mandated market protections, competition for audience and advertising dollars, and much more).

A good way to celebrate the death of that evil left-wing communist dictator would be for the Canadian government to ditch their state-owned, taxpayer-funded behemoth, the CBC, and celebrate freedom and democracy and free-market capitalism.  What a perfect non-“condolence” that would be to the communist ass Kim Jong Il.