Another 100% state-owned “company” (in Canada  —  where my computer is currently attached to a wall outlet) has created massive havoc.  That’s not unusual. By which I mean at least three facets about this are not unusual:  (1) that the government is causing massive havoc instead of the opposite, which is what you’d think it should be doing; but moreover (2) that a government “corporation”  —  complete with a fancy marketing team and its “philanthropic” ($$) outreach in the community and its “corporate” logos and a CEO with a massive salary and pension plan to beat all, and so on  —  is posing as a “corporation” instead of what they are, which is yet another branch of Big Huge Progressive Liberal Government; and (3) so far, no news media — none of them  —  are calling it yet another government failure even that’s what this is.

Yesterday, a couple of BC Hydro towers collapsed in metro Vancouver, Canada.  Fell right over.  Into a river.

Most in the media are passing off BC Hydro  —  that huge 100% state-owned electricity producer and sales branch of The Big Huge Government  —  as a “corporation,” or as “the company,” as if they were actually another typical free-market business with a regular CEO and shareholders and so on.  Nobody except me mentions that BC Hydro is in fact 100% state-owned.  As if it doesn’t matter.  And of course it does matter. Even to them.  This blurring of the lines, and this lying through  omission of pertinent facts, are by design.  Let me explain.

The media are always so conscious of ensuring that you’re aware of the fact that, say, the school teacher involved in the latest underage sex scandal was from a “Christian” school; or in the alternate, an utterly nondescript school (meaning a public state school).  And every gaffe made by a politician is either made by a Republican (a.k.a. a “conservative” or “right-wing” or “religious right”) politician; or else it was made by a totally unaffiliated politician (meaning a Democrat or liberal or progressive of some sort).  Remember the Democrat Anthony Wiener?  No party affiliation. The Democrat Rod BlagojevichJust a guy.

And no such “corporate” structural identity is attached in this hydro tower collapse story.  See how that works?

This is really the latest example of another Big Huge Government failure of course, as those of us who understand reality  —  which is to say we understand how government, politics, actual business, actual capitalism, and the various pseudonyms and lies and phony baloney news reporting and whitewashing and total BS constantly employed by progressives — works. We know that this purposeful blurring of the lines and omission of facts is by design.

And of course this once again reminds me of the quintessential example I came across some time ago: when I wrote about the citizen who very publicly decided to sue the BC Lottery Corporation (the 100% state-owned gambling idiocy  — yes, progressives think gambling “corporations” are no different than, say, armies or border guards, and are a core function of government too!).  And the citizen said this to the news media about the Lottery “Corporation”:

“It’s about keeping corporations honest, that’s really what it’s about.”
— see this article in Vancouver’s biggest newspaper

That story was fully equipped for progressives: The media all dutifully, happily, reported that remark without any further questions or comments.  Mission accomplished in that case.

A citizen has no clue that the government lottery corporation isn

Liberals who dominate the mainstream media, and other haters of free-market capitalism  —  including all those who think government should own or run or regulate Every Single Thing  —  always frame this sort of thing as another “corporate” failure instead of telling the full truth and fully informing its readers or audience.  This blurring of the lines between government and actual businesses which compete in the marketplace  —  is not merely accidental, or lazy, or fashionable and fun for liberals, progressives, and their media  —  it’s actually a vital ingredient in their push for progressivism  —  the movement toward more of the big government they all adore.  Confusion and this blurring of the lines between government and actual corporations softens and eases the move toward the left  —  toward the full-on socialism they welcome. As we can see, people already don’t know what in tarnation is “public” and what is “private.”  Perfect.

In this latest tale involving Hydro towers, two of the 100% state-owned BC Hydro’s huge transmission line towers simply collapsed and fell into the Fraser River yesterday, as I said.  Thousands upon thousands went without power for hours. People were nearly killed. And now a huge emergency repair and rebuilding project will have to be undertaken  —  all at what amounts to taxpayer expense because the whole operation is owned by the taxpayers.  And suddenly the media doesn’t care about its ownership and management?  And they don’t want to blame socialism they way they blame “capitalism” for the recession (and for pretty much every evil in society today)?  Huh.

At the 100% state-owned media in Canada, the horrible and massively expensive failure called CBC, a CBC fan named “pete hacker” wrote a comment upon reading the news story written there about this BC Hydro news story:

(2011/07/05 at 8:09 AM ET):
“bc hydro is a joke, they should make it public.”

Ignorance abounds. By design.

Aside from the ignorance of fact, it all speaks to the unthinkably poor state of affairs that this vital taxpayer-funded infrastructure is suffering from as a result of their  —  the government’s  —  terrible management.  It was all said to be due to “erosion,” but it will be framed by the apologists of Big Government as yet another example of the “man-made global warming” (caused by — you guessed it: corporations!) and “corporations” raping the hitherto natural, forested landscape, resulting in this erosion.

A citizen has no clue that the government electricity

“[P]ete” seems to think BC Hydro is a private company, and in order to fix this sort of problem and prevent it from happening in the future, he seems to think it should be taken over by the government  —  taken over, presumably in Che Guevara or Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez style  —  and “make it” a government, err, “corporation” (and 16 people chose to click and agree with this dope).  Eureka! says the media and academics.  Another score by the left and its media and its “educators”.

In reality this is just government in action. Or actually, government inaction.  A government that is at least twice as big as it should be, but refuses to admit it and downsize; shed itself of these “corporations” it cannot manage or even financially afford to manage. Failure to acknowledge this is something that belongs in the private sector, where the genius of free-market capitalism can work its magic. And it’s a failure to manage as a general matter, because government by their very nature can’t manage most things  —  particularly commercial ventures  —  properly as a general matter.  Choosing to “invest” in such things as looking after your gambling needs and worse, your health care, and possibly worse, teaching and looking after your toddlers and children in government-owned and government-run day care centers and education and indoctrination mills?  Don’t worry  —  nothing can go wrong with that either, since it’s government. I mean nothing has gone wrong there so far right?

This ignorance that the progressive forces have created is, as I’ve explained, by design.  The media blurred the lines.  The media will not (and has not in this case) made any effort to correct this ignorance of facts. They have no interest in doing so.  Quite the opposite.  The fact is that this guy “pete hacker” is the exemplary of what Vladimir Lenin called a useful idiot —  and it’s just what the doctor ordered.  Of course by “doctor” I mean the politicians, the media, and educators, but even the real doctors are paid by the state, here in Canada. And that’s working out just swell.