Of course this is news only to liberals, but it’s fun.

Liberals can’t beat Tories, regardless of leader

The Liberals would easily be beaten by Stephen Harper’s Conservatives—no matter which of the four main leadership contenders headed the party—if an election was held now, a new poll has found.

The poll, conducted by Ipsos Reid for CanWest News Service/ Global News and released Thursday, also found that none of the four leading candidates has caught fire among Canadians as someone who would persuade them to vote Liberal.

In fact, they all stand about the same chance of attracting voters back to the Liberal fold, but the results would nonetheless be another election loss.

“Each of the potential federal Liberal party leadership candidates, as of today, does not yet pose a threat to the Stephen Harper-led Conservative government,” said Ipsos Reid president Darrell Bricker.


I wonder how the “Grits” would fare against the Conservatives!