Hey “So-Called Christians!” How does this from the Washington Post read to you?

The attack came as Hungarians prepare to go to the polls next Sunday to vote in a referendum on a European migrant-quota system that would compel E.U. countries to take in more asylum seekers. The government of staunchly anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor ­Orban is campaigning strongly against the measure, arguing that the mostly Muslim migrants pose a threat to Europe’s “Christian” identity and its security. Polls suggest the Hungarian public is likely to reject the quotas, although turnout must reach 50 percent for the vote to be considered valid.

I’m not sure if they’re simply illiterate and don’t know where quote marks belong, or if they’re really just liberal media miscreants trying to make their point. Europe doesn’t have a “Christian” identity (as if to imply it’s merely a “so-called” Christian identity as spoken by some “far-right” nutjob), it has a Christian identity which perfectly befits the historic fact that Europe has a many centuries-old history and culture built by Christians and Christian values, and is arguably still somewhat of a Christian-based culture (but do visit travelocity.com right quick if you hope to see “old Europe”).

Or, it’s “mostly Muslim migrants.”

Same story, different complaint:
WHAT’S MORE RIGHT: The bombers? Who were they? Well if you read the story about the Hungarian bombing, you’d think it might just be some right-wingers or something:

The incident comes as countries across Europe are on edge following a series of attacks by suspects linked or inspired by Islamist extremists, as well as an increasing number of acts of violence carried out by the far-right.

Well are they sure it wasn’t socialists or anarchists or environmental activists? That’s far more common. No they aren’t at all sure —  they have utterly no idea — and it might well be a left-wing group or more likely Islamists, so they say “far-right” to implant that into your head and change the channel.

“The far-right” is a purposely vague cliché, especially as used by a U.S. publication about eastern European politics. I think in this case it’s a term meant to smear the right generally. In America. It is used almost exclusively by far-leftists hoping to make a point.

Their own writing indicates that “Polls suggest the Hungarian public is likely to reject the quotas…”. Does that mean the majority of the whole nation is “far-right?” That’s absurd logic. That would mean the “right” is not very “far” at all, but rather exactly mainstream.

Do they mean “far-right” in the American context as in what they, in full-on derogatory fashion, mean “really conservative?” Like Ted Cruz? So like a Ted Cruz-type guy might have done that terrorist bombing? Yes I do believe that’s what they’d like you to think. Moreover, Donald Trump, of course.

Or do they mean what I suspect they hope you to glean by their use of the term: HITLER!$#@!!!.

Actually, if I understand correctly, they mean all the above. Far-Right=Anything They Don’t Like=Donald Trump=Hitler, etc. Don’t believe me? Here are just some of actual recent headlines from the Washington Post:

All institutions like the Washington Post used to frown on or ridicule or ban any writer, commenter, blog, or forum, that “went there” — there being comparing any even remotely regular American to “Hitler” or a “Nazi.” Now the Washington Post has decided to dine on it and serve it up to you on a silver platter. So we can’t trust them.

We don’t know what the Hell they mean by “far-right” in this case. They simply slide the term in there and leave it to stew away. This is drive-by journalism or a gutless smear by association. Not a good look for a prominent newspaper, even if it has given up all pretence of objectivity, fairness, or balance.

The article also purposely fails to similarly identify the political leanings of those who believe in their wonderful world of limitless Muslim migration into Europe (no scare quotes because I really don’t mean “so-called limitless Muslim immigration into Europe”) — and North America for that matter. Make no mistake. They are the plain left — not even just the far left. The mainstream liberal, progressive left.

Hey you snowflakes or SJWs on the left: what happened to the good old days of [whenever it was Donald trump said anything at all whatsoever]? You call gratuitous and no-context terms (like “far-right”, but the opposite) a “trigger warning” which “violates your safe space.” If you were remotely honest you’d lecture the liberal media that they should have said “SOME far-right people but the vast majority are peace-loving people of high standards who work hard and love the nation and pay their fair share of taxes!” Bill Clinton would, if he were honest and consistent, say it’s a “dog whistle” possibly “used by far-leftists in the south and we all know what it means! (((HITLER!)))…”.

But they — these people on the left — don’t really mean what they say, and they don’t care about fairness or accuracy. Put scare quotes around every single thing they say.