“Hey,” the President of the United States begins his email to me.



I’m pretty sure if I were to ask a school teacher  —  actually scratch that. I’m pretty sure if I were to ask a company with expertise in grammar and punctuation and writing documents and in decorum how I should address my next email to the president of the United States, I’d be advised to address it to “The president of the United States.” And they’d insist I open the letter with “Dear Mr. President”. Probably not “hey Barack” (which is how teachers probably do address him when sending checks).Hey-Prez(500px)

And then I’d be instructed to sign off as “Most respectfully yours, Joel Johannesen”. Not just “Joel,” or “shnookie,” or any other affable sign-off (as, for example, teachers would).

But when “Barack” writes to me with his so-called “to-do” list, he calls me “Joel,” like he’s my old pew mate from from Jeremiah Wright’s black liberation ‘n Marxism church. Or like we’ve ever even met. Or like he even remotely likes me (which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t  —  see “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in back,” or that gem of inclusiveness and unity and tolerance and oratory genius in which he referred to people like me as “tea-baggers”); or me him (which I don’t). I actually simply signed-up to his massive community organization support group industrial complex (now) called “Organizing for Action” just to keep a watchful eye on him and them and their often scurrilous political tactics. As probably a huge percentage of others on that email list did. After all, it’s a tax exempt 501(c)(4) organization, as approved by the IRS.

In the dude’s email (oh can’t I call him “dude”?) he then lays out his personal “do-do list,” which I notice includes “creating good-paying jobs,” as if that’s what he personally does, or even any governments do. But  —  speaking of good-paying jobs  —  the email doesn’t include anything about firing government workers like Eric Holder or most of the other secretaries, staff, and advisers he has personally hired, and who are now under scrutiny (by everybody except liberals and Democrats).

Nor does he take the opportunity to Obama-feet-on-another-deskaddress any of the several credible and very serious corruption allegations being leveled against him and his administration and currently being investigated by Congress (actually, Eric Holder is formally investigating himself, as per Obama’s instructions). It doesn’t really address anything at all.

Then he glibly signs off as “Barack.”

I wonder if he tapped out the email on his iPad (he’s the first iPad president of the U.S. in the history of the world, donchaknow) while sitting in his oval office in jeans, wearing an ear ring, with his Birkenstocks slung up on the desk, maybe sucking back an organic carrot juice.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no formality cop. It’s just that if there’s no more decorum or respect required from or with regard to the Obama bows to Saudispresident of the United States, where is it still expected? Possibly it’s only when “Barack” formally bows before Arab government leaders and other socialist government leaders.

Moreover, when the government stops respecting me, and I’m still required to show respect to the government, it’s a little disconcerting, or, you know, it’s the epitome of tyranny.  “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  So said founding father Thomas Jefferson  —  or “Tea-bagger Tom” as Barack would refer to him, chin way up in the air, and with a noticeably disapproving sneer.

Possibly respect is still only required when a conservative group writes a letter to their government in answer to tendentious questions being lobbed at them them by the IRS which has specially targeted them for scrutiny based solely on their Obama or left-wing-opposing politics. Then decorum and respect is a MUST,  and full compliance with proper protocols is required —  as is compliance with their left-wing ideology and politics, as it turns out  —  or else they face the wrath of perjury charges from the government of Obama and Holder and the IRS chiefs and other erstwhile public servants. Or as we on the conservative right most assuredly call them, especially nowadays, “Sir and Madame.”



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