Perhaps it’s because Canada is so used to living under the comfy warm blanket of America and their realistic level of defensive security protection and their willingness to defend not just themselves, but apparently most of the world including Canada.  (Does the U.S. send Canada a multi-billion-dollar bill every year?  It should.)  Or maybe we’re just all drunk.  Perhaps drunk on that yummy “progressive” blather and liberalism and its self-gratifying ignorance.

Yesterday I blogged about how a Canadian all-party Senate committee has exposed the fact that in many of the most important areas of national security, basically, little has changed in Canada since September 11 2001—or what you liberals (nearly all Canadians, including the Conservative Party) call the start of “the so-called war on terror” thanks to the state-run media informing in truly blinkered anti-American fashion that that’s what it was, and the far-left Toronto Star hatefully and moronically calling it merely “George Bush’s war on terror”.  (Some liberals in Canada glibly call it “the day that the Americans got what they deserved, yay,” and other such bromides, as we know.) 

Today, more Canadian Senators have apparently come down off their 5-year Percodan or pot or Pouilly Fuissé -induced highs and admitted that since 9/11, our vast numbers of shipping containers coming from and going to all corners of the planet are still left fully exposed to terrorists without any safeguards to protect our citizens, cities, ports… our nation. 

I have to wonder—it this on purpose?  Because the politicians have to know that this is occurring.  Should we begin treason hearings any time soon?  I think maybe we should, and now.  All political party leadership and their advisors since at least September 2001 but probably since the start of the military-dismantling Liberal government of Chretien —should be subpoenaed. 

While state-run media and state-run child care and state-run health care all get jacked-up thanks to our federal government-reliance injection clinics (known as “our government”) pumping into their veins their deadly elixir of taxpayer cash mixed with imbecilic liberalism and its sessile arrogant torpidity, political correctness, and callous indifference to anything outside of me, the very most basic national security needs of our nation are being largely ignored—we’re being given mere banal assertions of the need for “tighter security …while respecting human rights above all else…”.  They think you’re total morons. 

A citizen or government that truly loves his country would put its security above all else—err on the side of excessive security if anything—protecting its borders and the safety of its citizens and cities above tendentious state-funded broadcasts of “Little Mosque On The Prairie” on the state-run media (as official state “information/entertainment”), or the state-employed “news” anchor Don Newman’s million-dollar copycat “The Spin Stops Here” advertisements in newspapers (which if you do tune in as instructed by your government, you find out that it’s “a so-called war on terror”).  Or the cost of the state looking after our children for parents who choose not to.  Or changing the definition of “family” and “parents” and “mom” and “dad” and “marriage”.  Or paying for over 100,000 limitless free abortions per year. Or the deep morass of our North Korean-style healthcare system.  Or sucking up to Quebec at any cost whatsoever on a now seemingly permanent, infinite basis. 

Sea containers ‘alternative’ for terrorists: report

Updated Thu. Mar. 22 2007 11:06 AM ET News Staff

The Senate security and defence committee—which this week released a report slamming airport security in Canada—says sea containers are an “obvious alternative” for terrorists trying to target Canada.

In its second report in two days, the all-party National Security and Defence Committee says some foreign ports have already developed technology to scan shipping containers, but no such system has been put in place in Canada.

And there appears to be no plans to implement such a system any time soon.

If nothing else, I have turned into a true believer in the need for Canada’s Senate.  I suspect, though, that if it weren’t so stuffed from top to bottom with overt liberals who were appointed to the body by suckup Liberals, these reports would already have been written and released long ago (to be subsequently ignored by virtually all Canadians).

Immediately after 9/11, when I considered moving to the U.S. and trying to join the military there to help attack Afghanistan’s Islamist Taliban regime and any other country the President saw fit to attack to protect America (but was told I was too old), my wife and I had a couple over for cocktails on our patio.  Naturally we talked about 9/11.  I said to our little group that obviously, our national security will be massively beefed-up now.  Locally, we would have to engage in severe security checks on, for example, our west coast’s vast seaplane traffic and associated activity since at any given time in the summer, Vancouver has three, five, or even more of the world’s biggest cruise ships plying our waters, each carrying up to thousands of helpless passengers; and among the world’s biggest passenger ferry fleets, each ferry carrying thousands; while at the same time, there are countless airliners and no less than dozens of extremely easy-to-fly seaplanes, each carrying up to a dozen or more passengers, flying between Victoria and Vancouver, right over the cruise ships and ferries.  It would be the easiest thing in the world to commandeer a seaplane and fly it into the cruise ships, burning the ships and killing most passengers and perhaps sinking the ships —all at once even—resulting in countless thousands of deaths within an hour or two.

Heads nodded.  “Of course,” we all agreed, “that will be one of the first things they’ll take care of”. 

Today, there is exactly no such security against attacks such as this.  This is treasonous. 

Tighten security for B.C. float planes: Senate panel

Float planes and helicopters operating out of Vancouver and Victoria harbours are among the smaller aircraft that could be used in a terrorist attack and should face the same passenger security screening as major jet aircraft, a Senate committee urges.

A report by the Senate committee on national security and defence said Wednesday that flight operations on the periphery of airport terminals present the same potential threats as passenger and cargo terminal operations.

“With no screening, what is to prevent a terrorist from commandeering one of these planes and flying it into a building?” the report said. “Such aircraft could be used as a missile and cause massive damage and loss of life.

Two obvious examples are the seaplane and helicopter services at Vancouver Harbour and Victoria Harbour,” it said.

The report refers to “security neglect” involving a large variety of aircraft landing and taking off in the centre of major cities without any security searches of baggage or passengers.

Vancouver Harbour recorded 2,810 takeoffs and landings in December compared with 2,097 in Victoria Harbour. Float planes using the Fraser River near the Vancouver south airport terminal in Richmond as well as some smaller wheeled airplanes flying out of the south terminal itself also have no security checks.

Airline industry officials immediately rejected the Senate recommendation, arguing that terrorists are not interested in small aircraft when they could inflict far more damage through other forms of transportation that do not screen passengers or their luggage.

“You’ve got a B.C. ferry with 2,500 people on it,” Greg McDougall, president of Richmond-based Harbour Air, said in an interview. “You could drive a car bomb on the ferry and get off. You don’t even have to die in the process. . . . There is no security on the B.C. ferry.”

There is a global war going on.  Canada must join it to win.  To start with, elect a government that cares about Canada and defending it more than it does building up already unsustainable social programs, Fabian Socialist-style. 

Just today in the Islamist-related news—in just one newspaper: 

Bombers use kids as decoys, leave them to die, Iraqi and U.S. officials charge

BAGHDAD—Police said Wednesday that children were used in a weekend car bombing in which the driver gained permission to park in a busy shopping area after he pointed out that he was leaving his children in the back seat.


“Children in the back seat lowered suspicion, [so] we let it move through, they parked the vehicle, the adults run out and detonate it with the children in the back,” Barbero told reporters in Washington. “The brutality and ruthless nature of this enemy hasn’t changed.”

And this:

Islamic militant trio found guilty of beheadings

JAKARTA—Three Islamic militants were found guilty Wednesday of decapitating three Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia and dumping their bloodied heads in nearby villages, judges said. They were sentenced to 14-20 years.

The alleged members of the al-Qaida-linked Jemaah Islamiyah network left a handwritten note close to the bodies, vowing more killings to avenge the deaths of Muslims in earlier sectarian violence on Sulawesi island.

“Wanted—100 more heads,” said Judge Lilik Mulyadi, reciting the letter’s text.

And another:

Soldiers’ bodies dragged through Mogadishu streets

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Fighters believed to be linked to Somali’s ousted Islamic movement dragged the corpses of two soldiers through the streets of the capital and set their bodies on fire Wednesday during fierce street battles with government forces trying to consolidate their control of Mogadishu.

An Associated Press photographer saw insurgents drag the bodies of one Ethiopian soldier and one Somali government soldier through the streets of southern Mogadishu and then set them on fire. The men dragging the corpses wore blue and white scarves to mask their faces, which is characteristic of Mogadishu’s insurgents.


A similar scene grabbed the world’s attention after Somali militiamen shot down a U. S. Black Hawk helicopter in 1993 during a failed mission to capture a warlord. The images of American troops being dragged through the streets led to the eventual withdrawal of UN forces and years of anarchy in Somalia.

As one of the bodies was still burning, women wearing head scarves and long, loose dresses picked up stones and pounded the corpse as a handful of young men looked on.


Ethiopia sent soldiers into Somalia in December to help defeat an Islamic movement that threatened to destroy Somalia’s internationally recognized government. While the Islamic forces no longer hold territory, they have started an insurgency to overthrow the government and drive out the Ethiopian troops.

But at least we have gay ‘marriage’ and women’s centers and the National Film Board.