image Watching entertainment TV these days—and I’m talking about American TV because Canadian TV is little more than a government of image liberal-left entitlement project and feels every bit like it —is a huge waste of time.  TV executives are about as smart as most of the big-name multi-zillionaire “stars” whom they repeatedly hire for all of their increasingly stupid projects.  You know the ones who always have such brilliant things to say about politics and international affairs. 

But reader comments from regular Americans explain what the mutli-zillionaire nobs running NBC, that increasingly in-the-tank-for-Obama network, don’t know (or just as likely, don’t care, in which case this is all a moot point).

I loved some of these comments at the web site called James Hibberd’s The Live Feed (, on an article about the fact that the ratings for Jay Leno’s new show’s second night plummeted by 30%, when Michael Moore was his guest. 

Don’t worry, the state-owned, socialism-reliant CBC in Canada will ignore the voices of the people just as NBC and the other networks will.  The Michael Moore network, CBC, will still maintain Michael Moore’s place of high honor (do they have a bronze statue of him yet at CBC headquarters in Toronto?), and continue to placate Canada’s extreme left by running, and then re-running, and then re-running over and over and over again, his extreme-left anti-American, anti-capitalist idiocy on their state-owned and socialism-reliant “news” channel and the regular CBC channels across the country.  And featuring him on every “news” interview show, and on eight-part “The Passionate Eye” series.

Jay Leno’s ratings drop notably for second episode

Here’s a sampling of some of the hundreds of comments:

• Leno is OK, but when the Castro-loving, fat ass phony Moore waddled out on stage, I knew it was time to switch channels. I’m surprised with so much riding on this first week, Leno’s producers would even think of having such a slob on.

• While I did watch long enough to hear Moore’s deflective reply to Leno’s question about the amount of money Moore had made on the film, it was hard watching all that neck wattle get dragged across Moore’s moobs.

• I mean really? Are these folks that tone deaf? Even the center left and the center right (not to mention the conservatives) of this country despise what MM stands for (of course NBC doesn’t cover the tea-parties, so maybe they are)…..will Leno become soooo irrelevant as to only cater to the far left. I was going to watch…but like others, switched wheb I saw who the guest was.

• The announcement of Big M as a guest had me off the Leno show. He causes global warming.

• I think all of you are insane. Jay Leno and Micheal Moore are long time “partners” and all of Hollywood knows it. Stop denying the obvious. And Kanye West and Serena Williams and ACORN and that Harvard professor whose name I can’t even remember now are all right wing undercover agents working to destroy the Obama Presidency just because he is black. Well, it ain’t working! Long live out of control spending, government control of everything, news that has been merely entertainment since the O.J. Trial, and unfunny comedy shows that make liberals feel superior.

• I started watching the show for first time. I turned it off immediately after he mentioned his guest, Michael Moore.

• Just goes to prove that Michael Moore is a big turn off for America.
Put someone on that hates America and America will turn you off.
When will the main stream realize, these American haters are NOT what we want to watch.

• He’s such a hippo-crite!

• I was going to watch the show but the guide said Michael Moore so I watched a Seinfeld rerun instead.

• NBC, the home of Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore. Whats next, the comedy stylings of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ?

• Michael Moore as a first week guest? Who’s producing this show, Keith Olberman?

• I dumped Jay when Moore came on. I will continue to watch, but I will cherry pick what I want to see. If he puts on undesireables like Moore, I’ll watch reruns of MASH before I give Moore any attention.

• I thought having Michael Moore on was perfect. It fit with the lead-in theme set by the previous show “The Biggest Loser.”

• The only way I’m interested in seeing Michael Moore is with an apple in his mouth, garnished with pineapple slices.

• Where does an anti-capitalist find the financing to produce the garbage Moore puts out?

• …I woould never watch anything involving Michael Moore and I won’t be giving Jay a second look. Seen enough already.

• I was looking forward to the revamped Jay Leno Show. What a disappointment. He started with that West jackass (to quote President Obama himself), which is when I switched. Last night we had multi-millionaire Michael Moore in an untimely rant against the same freespeech Capitalist system that created him. Please!
Al J Venter, Sault Sainte Marie, Canada

• I turned off Leno, too, after seeing that Michael Moore was the guest. We had just watched our recorded first episode. We fast-forwarded through Kanye West, and were still laughing our heads off and looking forward to show 2. Then the announcement: tonight’s guest is Michael Moore. Click. Enough. Laughs over. Thanks a bunch NBC.

• As soon as i heard M. Moore would be the guest—that was it, switched channels. Leno has to pick better guest than that or is nbc picking them for him.

• I love Leno and I love watching Conan, but when they continue to bash republicans in their monologue and do not give equal treatment to the democrats I just can’t watch anymore. I don’t mind the political jokes on my side of the aisle, but let’s keep it fair and balanced or leave the politics out of it. The closest they can do to joking about the Obama administration is Joe Biden. While I do think he’s an easy target, it is so obvious that they have orders NOT to insult the president, which they never had a problem with for the last 8 years. I’d rather tune into Fox News and see what’s on over there.

• Michael Moore killed it for me. Cruise is an idiot, but Moore is a true insult to the intelligence of any rational person. I won’t watch him. Jay should fire the staffer that scheduled him on night #2.

• Michael Moore.. .. .. … .. .. .. ……. ………………. ….
Excuse me! I just dozed off.

• No Hollywood Communist is getting another dime of my money. We’ll see how you enjoy poverty.

• I stopped watching the pinko scumbuckets at NBC many years ago. K West is a thoroughly nasty surly narcissistic hippety hop thug. Moore is an obese far left lying dissembling hatemonger. NBC shamelessly pukes up pro Hussein Obama lies and ignores Hussein Obama’s fascistic leftist incompetence. I hope NBC go bankrupt. Few people watch their far left bollocks anymore which syas it all really. Olberman is just one of many of their modern day Lord Haw Haws. PMSNBC is a sick joke – they’re about as ‘objective and fair and balanced as Goebbels/Stalin/Mao/N. Korea, with ratings to match their often treasonous, race baiting hard left rantings. It sure is fun watching a network die slowly!!! GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

• Jay, what were you thinking? Your second night and they schedule Michael Moore? Revolting! There’s a revolution out here and you just got on to wrong bus! the viewers need laughter not more political posturing from activist celebrities that make millions.

• When I heard Moore was on I looked elsewhere. Maybe you can get Jimmy Carter on to explain white racism next week. Better yet Al Gore to help me save a polar bear. I can’t believe you all don’t get it. Nobody wants to watch your liberal crap. Look at your news ratings. The funniest part of Monday’s show was cognac west’s performance. A fine piece of entertainment. What a typical thug. I can agree with our President on West. JACKASS!

• Michael Moore = instant career suicide for Jay.

• I missed the premier due to travel, but set my DVR and the minute I arrived home, I watched the Monday show and was ready to watch on Tuesday. The moment that Michael Moore was introduced, I went back to tapes of the Weather Channel watching it snow at the south pole. Why does Hollywood insist in pushing this Michael Moore communist propaganda down our throats. Jay Leno should be above that, an interview with a kid on the street would have more entertainment value. Michael Moore has trashed a new show that had a chance until the second night.

• I’m sick and tired of the talk show junk. It’s all about being mean to everyone they dislike. The only one who is clear of the spears is Pres. Obama. That’s because they are scare of being accused of being a racist. I remember when someone was talked about, it was soft comedy, today it’s hateful. VERY SAD.

• I didn’t get farther than the monologue on Tuesday because of Michael Moore. Why not drive in the final nails and invite William Ayers and the Reverend Wright?

• Wouldn’t watch Michael Moore if threatened with waterboarding. If the show’s producers continue to book guests like Moore, I’m done. For what it’s worth, Jay’s fan base likes relatively wholesome funny. Not controversy; not political propoganda. My two cents…

• I tuned in for the second night as I had for the first. As soon as Michael Moore was announced, I tuned out.
I’d love to see the Nielsen’s to see how much rating’s dropped during his visit.

• I guess Jay’s trying a “Douchebag of the Day” segment with Kanye West and Michael Moore. Who’s next? Nancy Pelosi? Hugo Chavez? Jimmy Carter?
Jay’s show is one less thing to take up time on my DVR.

• …Last night I watched until Michael Moore came on. Last night he even joked about President Bush for goodness sakes. Let it go. He still can’t make fun of Obama. I’ve always liked Jay because regardless of his political views he tries to leave them out of his show, but if he starts bringing them in I won’t be watching.

• Yeah, Moorer really helps the little guy-not! He uses them to bloat himself up in money. Chavez and Castro say the same thing too. What role models.
Still remember a few years ago in France when he complained about his income and the food just like a spoiled brat that he appears as.

• My wife and I DVR’d the Monday show. When we read that West was on that first show we deleted the recording without watching it. When we read that Michael Communist Moore was the guest on Tuesday I changed my DVR so that we did not record it. Sorry Jay. It is our choice. If you and your producers decide to book guests like Moore, my wife and I easily decide to just not watch. I’m sure we were in the MAJORITY last night.

• I didn’t watch Leno at 11:00 and won’t at 10:00, especially with guests like that old fat has-been Michael Moore. One person commented that he “strutted” out of Michigan…..he’s too fat to “strut”! Even if he came on and just sat there and didn’t open his repulsive mouth, I could not stand to just look at him….

• I like Jay. I watched until I heard who the guest was. If Jay continues to book people like MM-I won’t watch. I’d rather do something else.

• Same old same old: monologue where you poke fun at conservatives and then a far left nutjob guest. I’d rather watch my local news.

• I love Michael Moore. I mean, capitalism hasn’t helped him at all. He’s probably got more money than France! Him creating a crock-u-mentary bashing Capitalism is like John Lennon writing “Imagine” in his million dollar mansion….“Imagine no poseessions?”…OK, you first John.

• I used to be a loyal Tonight Show fan but I’ve become extremely tired of the same old type of political jokes (bash anyone who is a conservative) in the monologue – I WON’T be watching anymore! Having Kanye West (especially after the stunt he pulled) & Michael Moore on in his 1st week just sealed the deal for me.

• I would have watched but when I saw Micheal Moore I tuned out.

• …About Michael Moore as a guest on night #2? Not so great. For a guy who is so against capitalism, it’s kind of ironic that his “important films” that have made their money aren’t released on YouTube or somewhere else for more of the public to see.

• I watched first night as well. I was stunned to hear him make jokes about President Bush yet again. The guy has been out of office for 9 months; his writing crew just cannot bring themselves to make fun of the Onnointed One. I watched second night – amazingly he did make one joke about current president. I turned off before Michael Moore oozed onto the stage; I didn’t want to soil my eyes or ears.

• I like Leno, but, when I saw that Moore was scheduled to be on, I added Leno to my growing list of “Will Never Watch Again” so called entertainers. Sorry Jay, you can’t claim to be funny and share the stage with anti-American idiots!

• I would have watched if big pant load Michael Moore had unveiled a new documentary, “How a Big Fat Pant Load Remains a Big Fat Pant Load Even After Gastric Bypass Surgery.”
That film might have garnered some attention at Narcissist Central, the Venice Film Festival.

• Leno is a decent guy, Moore is a lying, liberal puke, NBC is in the liberal tank, so go figure. NBC will continue to force people like Moore on Leno and he will sink like Katy C. The best thing that could happen to this country would be NBC, MSNBC, and the rest going bankrupt and out of business. You cannot even enjoy an NFL football game on NBC without hearing Keith Olberman’s loud mouth.

• I think most people are now awake and realize that Michael Moore is just a bloated producer of propaganda. The only reason for his success is the mainstream media agrees with his warped viewpoints.

• I like Jay, turned the show on last night and as soon as he mentioned his guest was Michael Moore I changed the channel. Good to see i wasn’t the only one.

• I changed the channel when Jay announced that Michael Moore would be his next guest. There’s a show stopper right there!

• sequence. The moment Michael Moore’s name popped up on the screen, I decided that my time would be better spent re-reading a Harry Potter novel.

• Yet, somehow, millions upon millions of refugees are willing to risk their lives to come to the US, and wait for years to achieve citizenship. And I’ve noticed Mr. Moore hasn’t left either.
Weird, huh?

People need to tune out when they’re not happy with what’s on TV.  Stop making them rich.  Don’t support TV that works against everything you stand for.  Like CBC.  Don’t support companies which advertise on —thereby supporting —everything you stand against on principle.  Like CBC advertisers.  Tune into Fox News Channel for some relief.


From: David
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 5:17 AM
Subject: Jay Leno books Michael Moore as guest: ratings plummet 30% in one night. Reader comments explain.

Hi Joel

I generally like Leno but I think what you may have missed is the previous night he had that knob, Kanye West, on and as per normal didn’t ask him the tough question.  “Kanye, why are you such a complete knob.  What you did to the lovely and talented Taylor Swift, that 18 year old country sensation, was inexcusable and really your career should be over you stupid idiot and I really don’t want you on my show…get out.”  Yeah, he of course slobbered over him and even tried to make him feel like the big victim in all of this and that the reason he was a big knob was because, sob sniff sniff, my Mama died and I’m just rudderless in my life, sob sniff sniff….  Horse-feathers!!!  Leno lost my respect there.  Having Michael Moore on the show only re-affirms this.



Hi David,

I actually saw that premier Leno show with Kanye West, whom I detested even before his latest idiocy, and decided right there and then that I wouldn’t be watching NBC’s new show.  I tend to shun NBC as I do the CBC as much as possible anyway now, since they are but shills for the political left (corporate shills in the case of NBC—through their owner, GE—and quasi government, taxpayer-supported shills for the left in the case of CBC — through their owner, me).  And that was before I even knew Jay’s second show had Michael Moore as a guest. 

I’ll post your email.