Just when I thought my last will and testament was perfect…


A couple of tidbits today. First, read that penultimate sentence:

I will be changing mine to include the same sentiment but expanded to “all liberal media.”

Item #2. This chyron on CNN just now:

capture_20140130_155957Why the question mark? It’s not a question, it’s “settled science” (righteous snark). I thought liberals were all about the science! I guess when it comes to Obama tanking in popularity, the science is not settled, pace Obama’s SOTU obnoxious claim to that effect regarding the so-called “mad-made global warming,” or what the Left now speciously call “climate change” in light of the fact that their science is actually political science. And by the way, CNN-capture_20140130while we’re at it, that “climate change” canard is also losing its audience, bringing me great joy.

Nonetheless, the fact that Obama is losing his audience is still, and always will be, merely a question, for those in the Obama-love liberal media. Even though it isn’t. Liberals are weird.

Science: Obama’s poll numbers are dismal by any historic standard for presidents. And since what they’re (still) yammering on about is that useless State of the Union speech, those audience numbers have tanked as well, to the lowest in 14 years.

President Obama’s State of the Union Address drew the fewest viewers of his presidency Tuesday night. In fact, the annual live prime-time speech was the least-watched SOTU by any president since Bill Clinton’s final address in 2000. …

…Among the cable news networks, Fox News came out on top with 4.7 million viewers, MSNBC had 752,000 and CNN had 762,000. Fox News pointed out they were the only cable news network to post viewership gain from last year’s address, up 28 percent.

Interesting that Fox News Channel’s numbers went up, and, in more scientific news, Fox News’ audience beat CNN and MSNBC, combined, by a mile. No question mark. If you do pose a question to yourself, make it “why are people abandoning CNN and MSNBC when it comes to important analysis of important events?” That science is also “settled.” CNN and especially MSNBC are little more than Obama’s cheering section.

But no problem, CNN and MSNBC won’t be putting their audience numbers up on the screen with or without a question mark.

Item #2B: Yesterday I laughed out loud when I heard Rush Limbaugh call the State of the Union the “State of the Coup,” vis-a-vis Obama’s threat to start bypassing Congress and instead, issuing executive orders on even important, nation-changing policy issues, like a banana republic dictator might. Bonus bonus: see my tweet below.

Obama-gaffe-deniers (righteous snark again) won’t get the reference. But it relates to Obama twice referring to a Navy Corpsman as a Navy “Corpse-man.” Not just once, not even twice. Three times. Thus scientifically proving that he doesn’t have a clue. Let’s watch!


Item #3


I liked this item today because it gave me a chance to look up appropriate pictures to post of Scarlett Johansson. I don’t love that she endorsed Barack Obama for president, but we all make massive mistakes. Well she did anyway. But today news came out that she does seem to at least support Israel, in fact so much so that she cut her ties with OXFAM as an “Ambassador,” over an issue surrounding her product-endorsement deal with SodaStream —  which is made in Israel. OXFAM, acting as idiots, decided that her SodaStream endorsement couldn’t be allowed if she wanted to remain as an OXFAM “Ambassador,” on account of SodaStream being and Israeli company and made in Israel’s West Bank. Real charitable, understanding, tolerant, and sane of them, huh? So Scarlett acted as the adult in the room, and said “see ya!” Good on her. Here’s my tweet:

Item #4 – Nothing more can be said after this item: