Saskatchewan, the famous tourist Mecca and travel destination of at least 13 people from free-market America who visited last year (and then left), will find out how appealing it is to raise camping, fishing and sales taxes, and tax on beer, to the die-hard ice-fishermen from Bismark North Dakota.

The rock-solid resort destinations, the likes of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and its huge phalanx of tourist industry workers (nine of ‘em huddled along the U.S. border), will marvel at the extra long “huhhh?” when the strange Yankee whips out wieners and buns for his family’s summer barbecue and gets zinged for that extra $3 in provincial tax to pay for the privilege of bothering to come up to said tourist Mecca and declaring that they will be venturing a wienie roast. Americans are odd, what with their fancy “hot dogs” cooked over an open wood fire when camping, rather than using their Maytag range that most people lug around with them on a trailer.

The stature of Saskatchewan’s tourism business (not to mention the number of permanent residents) would rise to “abysmal”  if everything were a better bargain than in the United States, but that’s not the way it works when you’re trying to build a left-wing liberal or socialist enclave.  First:  make everyone equally poor and lacking in much of the best that life has to offer in the name of, I don’t know, “Canadian culture”; then tax the bajezus out of them; then load up the debt so that forever more taxpayers will be beholden to the government for ever more; then ensure that every citizen learns the attitude of entitlement and expecting government (cash) help for every facet of their lives; and finally, make victims out of as many people as possible and offer them government aid and every manner of entitlements in order to make them reliant upon you, the genius all-powerful conceited anointed ones who know it all better than the dumb lughead citizens, including even how to spend their own money on their own health care.