Lib-left-led America: 73.5% say USA on wrong track. Conservative-led Canada? The Opposite.


One of the most accurate pollsters in Canada says in a new survey result that 63.5% of Canadians now think Canada is on the right track.  This is up from 52% last year.  Interestingly, last year, Canada had a Conservative Party government but it was only a minority Conservative government.  Following the May 2011 elections, Canada was graced with a majority Conservative Party government.  And the positive number went way up from 52% to 63.5%. The official opposition in Canada’s parliament is an abject labor union-owned socialist party.

I think the positive number in Canada would be even higher if the Conservative Party was an actual conservative party, and they spoke conservative, in bold colors, instead of being a progressive conservative party which speaks in pale pastels.

At least Canada is on a better track, if not the “right” track.

In the liberal-left-led U.S., the vast majority now think America is on the wrong track. A huge 73.5% of the population believe America is on the wrong track.

Which it is.


  1. I spell things the right way. But do mind your language and your manners, and maybe also your level of cowardess, "joe anon." Those things are far more important to a rational dialogue.

  2. Apparently "joe anon" is also a xenophobe or is at least anti-American, and he's intent on being an insolent troll. He has an intense interest in and concern for spelling things in what he imagines to be the "Canadian" way. Which is an odd thing to be so hung-up on.
    I love Americans. America is an independent country.Obama President.

  3. Please refer to the Canadian stylist chapter on spelling.

    In my day university essays were returned unmarked for lack

    of a u in certain words.

    I am not surprised,however, British Columbians are also Cretins.

    We(the rest of Canada) keep them around as we require a Pacific port, beyond that

    B.C. is of little consequence. Except Victoria which is quite nice.

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