This takes the cake  —  no sorry it’s from Canada so make that “amuse bouche”  —  for misleading reporting and spin.  The Canadian state-owned media,, starts its article on today’s US debt ceiling crisis first and foremost claiming that President Obama (whom we all know as “Mr. Spending Cuts”  — right?) wants Congress to “make spending cuts” which would “lead to long-lasting government fiscal stability.”

U.S. President Barack Obama has appealed to congressional leaders to make spending cuts that would lead to long-lasting government fiscal stability.

“Congress has run up the credit card and we now have an obligation to pay our bills,” he said Friday morning, in his second news conference in a week to pressure the Republican-led U.S. Congress to come to an agreement about raising the U.S. debt ceiling. …

– article this morning

This is farcical.  Or it’s Friday and I’m reading about Obama in the liberal lamestream media.  Either one. Apparently this particular left-wing media (this one state-owned) has accidentally confused their man Obama with Republicans, who are the only ones demanding spending cuts, and who are properly holding their ground against raising taxes in the middle of a recession  —  or anytime for that matter, that ship having been way overloaded, and long ago sailed.  Closing stupid tax loopholes that Obama’s huge fans like G.E. CEO Jeffrey Immelt have won through their intense corporate lobbying such that they ended up paying no taxes last year? Sure.  But raising taxes as a general matter? No.  So I hope that clears it up for them.

CBC starts their article claiming that Obama is the one who is demanding that Congress come up with spending cuts. No, not tax hikes... spending cuts!

Here’s some more clarity for the CBC:  The President and nearly all Democrats are focused primarily  —  and sometimes exclusively focused  —  not on “spending cuts,” which they abhor, again as a general matter), but rather on pushing for more tax hikes “on millionaires and billionaires” and “corporate jet owners” to close that giant gap in revenues and spending and kill some of the extra 5 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt added since 2007 when Democrats and Obama took control and should have admitted to taking taking ownership of the US economy. For them the problem is not a spending problem (I don’t need to tell you — it is), or if they do think it is, they mean that there isn’t enough spending, and the “stimulus” failed only because there wasn’t enough of it.  Rather it’s a “revenue” problem, see.  “Revenue” is their new code word for “tax hikes.”

And for those of you playing the home version of the game, “millionaires and billionaires” and “corporate jet owners” is code for folks evil enough to work hard and make more than $250,000 per year.  Yes, those families and business owners and entrepreneurs instantly become “millionaires and billionaires” and they own “corporate jets.”  And as second grade school students could attest (if only they were still tested), taxing corporate jets owners would cancel a whopping .002% of the national debt, while putting thousands of jet builders and mechanics and service folks and sales people out of work, thereby lowering “revenues.”  Maybe they should raise taxes on the union workers who build and maintain these jets, instead of the buyers of them.  That’d be some real grassroots pro-active gov for ya!

In fact the very reason the President and Democrats and all his liberal media claim there is no debt deal is that Republicans have been “intractable” with their demands for on the question of spending cuts rather than tax hikes. So why start your article the way CBC did?  Because they know who’s right.  Staring an article in that manner makes it appear as though spending cuts were his primary focus  —  something we know to be patently untrue.  And because they want their man to be on the right side of history, even if he is not.

He has never answered the question put directly to him —  asked even today during the same press conference the CBC is writing about: what specific spending would you cut?

NBC News reporter Chuck Todd asked that specific question this morning, trying to pin him down, to no avail.  I Tweeted in frustration:

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If a Republican president answered the way Obama did, the press would literally be having a festival of followups, demanding clarity on his answer.  But for their man Obama: nuttin.  Crickets.  Next question.

One of the folks I follow on Twitter said exactly that  —  well actually lots did.  But here’s @derekahunter:

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I’ll be watching for Chuck Todd’s report on MSNBC.  I’m sure he’ll bring that bit up and make it clear. Or as @derekahunter reality-Tweeted:

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I’m sure the media will clear it up for him  —  just like the state-owned CBC did for Canadians.  I’m also sure “investments” aren’t actually “spending.” And “progressive” doesn’t mean “socialist.”

And that the liberal media isn’t carrying Obama’s water and spinning reality to prop him up.