Left-wing liberals (and the extreme liberal left, the socialist New Democratic Party in Canada) fancy themselves as environmental geniuses who need to profess to us right-wing idiots about the value of good clean-air driving techniques to save the world from the catastrophic global warming that will come someday soon they hope (or at least they say it will come, whatever the science actually says).

Nonetheless, proving once again their willingness to take the wrong side of an issue just because the conservatives are on the right side, liberals and socialists love talking-up the looming global warming, which, coincidentally, isn’t caused by you and me and our consumption of rap music CDs and lawn furniture, it’s caused by “the multinationals”, or whatever the kids are calling private citizens who run companies these days. 

Every warm sunny day is yet more proof that the asses who sold you your SUV are out to make you destroy the world, including that same world upon which the multinationals depend in order to continue to exist. The left-wing environmental activists’ pierced eyebrows and noses and god-know-what-else are apparently adorned in jewelry forged by hand using stone hammers, magical clean burning wood fires, and metals and minerals carved out of perfectly willing mountain rock on public park land.