Lifting Islam’s veil

Time for more Crocodile Dundee and less Chihuahua Chuck

Fair dinkum, as they say in Australia.

As someone born and raised in England, it’s not easy praising a people with whom we battle in cricket and rugby, and who like nothing more than making fun of Brits.

But there is something tribal, earthy and sensible about Australians that many in the rest of the Anglo-Saxon world — the U.S., Canada, the U.K. — have misplaced.

They don’t suffer fools, they smell a politically correct rat a mile away and they are prepared to defend what is right and what belongs to them.

Which is why the police in the state of New South Wales have just been given special powers to remove burkas and other face coverings to identify suspected criminals.

You may have thought this was obvious. But no.

An Australian judge recently acquitted a Muslim woman because she had refused to remove her burka, and thus a legal identification was impossible.

The judge had no choice because at that time the cops were, so to speak, handcuffed.

They had to let the wretched criminal keep her face covering on.

This new law is hardly unreasonable, but some in Australia’s Islamic community have protested the move.

Which is about as surprising as a Canadian poet applying for a government handout while simultaneously bashing the same government.

Of course they oppose it because that’s what they do. They were, though, oddly quiet five years ago when a series of rapes occurred in Australia, described as “Leb style.” That is, committed by Lebanese Muslim gangs, who singled out non-Muslim girls to be abused, beaten and then raped.

When local Australian surfers formed vigilante groups and attacked young Lebanese punks, however, the Islamic leadership cried racism and discrimination.

In Canada, none of this would come as much of a surprise, and it’s all part of a now-familiar theme.

Pluralistic, western culture being challenged by a group because that group knows the host is weak and so neurotically obsessed with its own so-called guilt, it is unsure about defending itself. It’s why we have politicians, activists and lawyers who will bash a Catholic before breakfast, but say not a word about a Muslim for fear of being seen as insensitive or Islamophobic.

It’s one of the reasons why it’s so fashionable to be anti-Israel.

Could you imagine any Islamic state being singled out for so much crass animosity on the left and within the labour movement and the moribund liberal churches?

Speaking of the latter, one of the most beautiful Anglican churches in Toronto hosted an African Christian leader a few years ago, a man who had battled poverty, AIDS and Muslim violence all his life.

When the talk was advertised, dozens of leading Anglicans wrote the organizer to protest this seemed “lacking in understanding of our Muslim friends.”

Those “Muslim friends” had murdered countless people in the speaker’s homeland, but he apparently did not understand Islam as well as the effete critics in the archdiocese.

Mind you, they were white and wealthy, so obviously knew more.

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