I’m posting this because the other day my wife and I had one of those moments where we both heard something on the radio (almost certainly Fox News Channel on Sirius Satellite in our Ford Escape) , and it sounded so odd and amazing that we both shot quizzical looks at each other and said “huh?” at the same time.

But it turns out it was true.  The government-sponsored corporate welfare bum General Motors’ Chevy division’s new (and much-hyped-by-Obamalibs) Volt electric car only sold 125 cars in July.  After all that hype.  And all that government/taxpayer cash.

Later in the week I showed my wife a news article about how GM was going to massively increase production of the car.  We felt like we were in the old Soviet Union.  Another quizzical look was shared. (The upside is that this idiocy is bringing us even closer together.)

But what’s really disconcerting is how much they actually cost  you  —  whether you bought one or not (and it’s a safe bet you have not).

Hard Times For the Chevy Volt

Full steam ahead to epic failure!

by  John Hayward

The Chevy Volt​ has only sold about 3,200 units thus far, which is not only pathetic, but not even good enough to outsell the Nissan Leaf’s 4500 units.  Nevertheless, Government Motors is ramping up for more Volt production.  According to Yahoo Auto news, GM is forecasting “sales of around 16,000 for the year as a whole, with 40,000 sold by 2012.

Wait a second.  16,000 units for which year?  Calendar year 2011?  That means they think sales are going to increase 500% in the next four months?  Even if they’re referring to a later fiscal ending date, or even next year, a 500% sales increase is downright delusional.


That means each of the 3200 Volts sold thus far has rolled out of the lot with $132,500 in taxpayer subsidies stuffed in the glove compartment.  They sticker at $41,000, so that means each Volt sold thus far actually costs $173,500, with only $33,500 paid by the actual purchaser.


My God.

Read the whole thing.