Maria BartiromoAs a former stockbroker, I watch CNBC during the day to keep tabs on things. 

OK, I watch CNBC to watch Maria Bartiromo damn it…. oh and Kudlow & Kramer but those guys only because they’re smart and punchy.

But I read an interesting story recently regarding “my Maria” and CNBC:

A few months ago, CNBC was charged by media hounds with “conflict of interest”  when it assigned anchor (my) Maria Bartiromo to interview Sanford Weill, the chairman of Citigroup. Maria, smarty that she is, owned 1,000 shares of Citigroup stock. Ouch.

But, the thing is, she owned-up to that fact during the interview unlike, I suspect, 99.999% of the media interviewers today. I credit her for being upfront and honest. Others did not. As media analyst Robert Steele pointed out, “Disclosure doesn’t resolve a conflict of interest; all it does is reveal that a conflict exists.” True enough.

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