MSNBC: A Media Campaign to Insult and Smear Conservatives



We know that MSNBC is rabidly left-wing and full of socialists and sundry smug progressive blowhards.  We know they have long retired any pretense of procuring honest political reporting, in favor of rooting for and covering for Obama and even further leftists. But sometimes I feel like I should pick a random day and make a list of some of their weird, Orwellian, childish insults, and their constant name-calling, and gratuitous smears of conservatives.

Oh look, I did it today. I took a chance and tweeted this easy bit of prescience this morning, at absolutely no risk to my credibility:

Then I tweeted out some  —  just some  —  of the insults and smears lobbed at Republicans during a few hours this afternoon. Bear in mind the whole tone and tenor of the whole broadcast day, over there at the MSNBC anti-conservative media campaign, is built around the effort to debase and sneer at all Republicans, especially the more conservatives ones. They repeat themselves all day long, spewing nearly the same cheap insults and smears, or innuendo, over and over. Their selective and often out-of-context reporting is cringe-worthy to anybody with a modicum of fair-mindedness.

And yet never do you hear the words “in all fairness” or anything like that appeal to intellectual honesty.

Here’s a partial list, many items of which were repeated over and over:

“A blundering idiot” (that’s Speaker John Boehner)

Charles Rangel conflated tea partiers with confederate racists

“Looks like the younger version of Joe McCarthy” (that’s Ted Cruz)

“The stupidity of Ted Cruz”

The GOP are “about being hateful”

“Do you hate Obamacare more than you love your country?”

“They want a tea party America and they’re stupid enough to bring us one.”

“Far-right extremists”

“Tea party extremists”

“Hostage takers”


“Jim DeMint wears Boo Boo the Clown pajamas”

“The right hates Barack Obama”

“Crowd of crazies”

“Kamikaze caucus”

“Anti-fact, anti-science Republicans”

“The Republicans want to kill healthcare for the American people.”

“They don’t have a firm grasp on reality”
“They’re ignorant”
“…who have literally separated themselves from reality”

… and so much more. This was only a partial list from a partial day of watching MSNBC.

It’s weird how closely these insults exactly match those lobbed by none other than President Barack Obama. In fact the talking points match very closely with Barack Obama’s Obama For America (or whatever they call it today),, any random Democratic Senator or Congressman, and several others in the liberal media. And it’s weird how they all seem to believe that if they say it over and over and over again enough times, even if it’s cheap and stupid, people  —  especially really dumb people  —  will think it’s true.

People who are fair-minded and intelligent don’t buy their crap. So it’s a sad commentary on who exactly they are trying to impress.