Here’s some of the Tweets I Tweeted this afternoon while watching the Occupy mobs, together with union thugs, as they smashed and trashed Oakland.

Here’s one of the livestreams I’m watching: (UPDATE!: Just changed to new livefeed because the other feed shut down because the guy went to the bar.  The bar.)

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at
Watch live streaming video from occupyoakland at



  • Watching live video of the #OWS and union mobs smashing & trashing Oakland at the moment. Good thing they’re not greedy.
  • Apparently Oakland HAS no mayor. #OWS
  • If #ows goes on strike, does that mean the rapes will stop?
  • Oakland #OWS & union mobs trash Whole Foods; guy dances around wearing only gonch-a-wears.
  • Hey remember when Obama said he’d “extend a hand if you’re willing to unclench your fist”? Guess he will anyway.
  • Oakland #OWS speaker now calling out against “patriarchy and homophobia.” And possibly spaghetti.
  • A mile-long train of buses is now loading up Oakland #OWS mobs to transport them (using diesel oil from Exxon.)
  • #OWS website currently playing a vid advocating for revolution. Claims that you pay 30% inc tax which goes to …banks!
  • Now live video has bus load of #OWS & union mob shouting “Shut down the port…shut it down…!”
  • One #OWS and/or union mob guy shouts “Just think of the billions we’re going to cost them tonight!” Then union song…
  • Hilarious seeing Teamsters escorting buses thru Oakland with their semis. Don’t Teamsters drive Hollywood stars around?
  • Fox News Channel’s parent company beats revenue estimates. Revenues up 7%. They must be punished.
  • RT @NolteNC: One time in the nineties at band camp the @AP touched me and I didn’t report it and now I am and don’t print my name.
  • Video at #OWS site explains that “psychopathic criminals” have “taken over” the governments. Thus they need to take ’em over, see?
  • Hey why don’t the #OWS folks demand some of that “Obama money?”
  • Deeprick Chopra is on Factor tonight. Guess I’ll mute it until Dennis Miller’s on.
  • Comment on #OWS Oakland livestream site: “teabaggers can blow be.” You get back to work Al Sharpton!
  • Al Sharpton: “Resist we much!”. #OWS commenter: “teabaggers can blow be!”
  • Oakland City Admin: “it’s all been peaceful” but “I released employees early today for their own safety.”
  • Oakland mayor: “I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.” But I heard no “ba-ding-bam-booms” or rim shots.
  • Port chief says the port is shut down thanks to the #OWS mobs. Bt mayor says “we’ve done a pretty good job so far.” Huh.
  • Oakland top cop: “Port is not blockaded,” but yeah, “trucks can’t leave” as a result of blockades of mobs.
  • Just now, an #OWS nutbar with a megaphone shouts “We’ve got a lot of  f__in’ energy”, then crowd repeats it the way they do with uptwinkles.
  • Don’t the #OWS Oakland mobs know that the port brings in stuff from Communist countries too? Aren’t they the 99%?
  • Guy video-ing live stream says to someone “I’ve got 5,000 people around the world watching this right now.” Counter at bottom says 320.
  • The #OWS Oakland “videographer” doing the livestream keeps belching every 10 seconds or so. Needs Maalox by Johnson and Johnson. Oh hang on.
  • The “videographer” for the #OWS Oakland mob-fest just told someone he represents “Global Revolution TV.”
  • On another #OWS livestream I’m watching, “videographer” just told someone “3 miilion people are watching.” Live counter says 3 thousand.
  • One #OWS mob, uh, guest just told the video guy he’s a socialist. Also joked about needing a gas mask …for pot smoke.
  • One #OWS Oakland videographer just told us he’s going off now for a while while he goes to the bar. Seriously.
  • #OWS Oakland vid crew is going around interviewing people but everyone seems to be completely whacked on drugs. Oh hang on here’s a teacher.
  • Oh and here’s Chris, a teacher from San Francisco State University. Well he just loves the whole thing. Loves it.
  • And here’s another teacher who’s part of the “feminist queer block,” she says. She and partner *hate* capitalism.
  • Lauren, yet another teacher at #OWS, says she’s not there “for any particular reason.”  It’s “awesome”.
  • Interviews for #OWS Oakland: I’ve never heard so many “like” and “awesome” and sentences ending w/ questionmarks…
  • Latest guy is a SF airport worker with the SEIU, says his mom and “her partner” have fought for this for like forever?
  • Latest #OWS interviewee: “Yeah hi I’m Ian, I’m a Trotskyist…”. And by golly he hates the capitalism. Awesome. Etc.
  • Oakland police now making that warning announcement of impending arrests, as they get set to move in. #OWS
  • One #OWS video crew speaks of “the corporate media.” I Guess PRAVDA and the North Korean media and the CBC is more their style. #CBC


 ….that’s enough. I’m sufficiently disgusted and bored and things have been more than sufficiently reinforced in my mind.