National Post continues its “Palin is an idiot” meme today

Amidst the release, today, of emails transacted by her during her time as Governor of Alaska, the National Post, which once cast Sarah Palin as “a complete idiot,” today digs deep and finds an archival photo of a genius leftist activist holding a sign reading “IDIOT QUEEN” to accompany an item not about the emails, but rather yet another opinion piece about how we should ignore her.  Note that the opinion piece says nothing of her being an “idiot.”  The National Post just thought that was the prefect picture of Sarah Palin to express their vastly superior intellectual state, I’m guessing.

The fact that the story  —  being covered to death by all the lamestream media  —   about the release of her emails arrived on the very same day they decided to post another opinion piece telling us to ignore her, is sheer coinkidink.  The fact that it makes them look like idiots is sheer serendipity.

National Post today -- once again "ignoring" Sarah Palin. But don't worry, the National Post is not replete with "idiots."

It’s interesting because the National Post implored us to ignore her long ago.  Presumably because she is the aforementioned “complete idiot.”

National Post found the goofiest photo of Palin that exists on Planet Earth, then called her a "complete idiot" while instructing us to "ignore her," some time ago.

But of course try as they might, or wish as they do, they can’t ignore her, witness their latest opinion piece imploring us to ignore her, and the articles all over the news about her emails  —  including their news.  To say nothing of her recent bus tour.  They hang on every word she utters and writes.  And it drives them batty.  They can’t come to terms with the fact that she wields far more power in her words and deeds than they do, and alas, they detest her words and deeds.  She’s a true conservative  —  anathema to the likes of the National Post —  and a woman to boot.  And boot her they do, figuratively speaking.  Kick her ass, to be more clear.  Gratuitously.  All day long.  This is how they “ignore” her.

By way of comparison, the manly Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner… is not an idiot.   Again, Weiner is NOT an idiot.  Just so we’re clear.  And he’s certainly not a “complete idiot.”

See? Now you’re thinking like an idiot.  Or at least they hope so.


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One Response to National Post continues its “Palin is an idiot” meme today

  1. Terry Haryett Friday June 10, 2011 at 11:51 am at 11:51 AM #

    can anyone imagine the gnashing of Liberal teeth when Sarah Palin is inaugurated President on Jan. 20 2013.
    You think the Bush years were bad, you aint seen nothing yet.