National Post and unknown radio talk jock bash Ann Coulter as irrelevant —in 3/4-page editorial!

imageThe National Post once again takes the opportunity to use a full page or nearly a full page to explain to Canadians just how useless and irrelevant Ann Coulter is. 

Get it?  Actually, sadly, it’s not a joke. This is how dumb the liberal media and the likes of the National Post are.  They unwittingly mock themselves these days… and continue to drive themselves into utter irrelevance and failure:  by using nearly full pages for editorials about how irrelevant and dumb conservatives are. 

When you have to repeatedly use 3/4 pages of a so-called national newspaper to deride an opponent (this is at least the second time for the National Post on Ann Coulter), it’s pretty clear their opponents are actually the opposite of irrelevant to them or anybody else.  But that simple, salient fact either flies right over the heads of the NatPo’s editorial department, or they think so little of you that they believe it will fly over yours.  I suspect it’s an elixir of both, which helps explain the current dismal state of affairs in the liberal media today, which includes the very paper in which the editorial appears.  The National Post and its media owners are in such a financial crisis, and their readership so low, they may not last the year. 

In a scathing but once again jejune and re-hashed for the 8,000th time trashing of one of the most successful political voices of the past two decades, an unknown small-town radio talk jock from Ontario takes on Ann Coulter, and summarily loses, badly.  And Ann Coulter wasn’t even fighting.  Her pal (and mine) Rush Limbaugh often jokes on his own massively successful radio show that he runs his show “with half his brain tied behind his back just to give liberals half a chance”. Ann Coulter wins these trite little editorial Ann Coulter hate ‘n prattle-fests without even saying anything. The critics knock themselves out with their own vacuous stupidity. 

About six times John Moore implies Ann Coulter is so dumb and useless that she must surely be “sad” and “embarrassed”. 

• “Reading Ann Coulter’s latest book, Guilty: Liberal Victims and their Assault on America, one almost feels sorry for her.”

• “…one wondered if even she took herself seriously.”

• “It’s a state of intellectual and moral bankruptcy that even Coulter must find embarrassing.”

• “While it’s sad watching Coulter trundling out her road show after her best-before date…” 

This from an unknown who doesn’t know how to pack for a promotional road show, who has no New York Times best-sellers (as opposed to Coulter’s seven), and the closest thing he has to a “road show” is his wacky afternoon drive-home hour on the unknown local radio station NewsTalk 1010 CFRB —a show which nobody I know has ever heard of. 

Like all the self-anointed know-it-all leftists who get all their information from Daily Kos and Huffington Post and Media Matters and the CBC, Moore apparently thinks Coulter, because she is a conservative, is ipso-facto a Bush-lover. 

“…she made a cursory series of mainstream media appearances but she was reduced to code-talking to the dwindling conservative base that still thinks George Bush did a heck of a job,” Moore channels.

From that we can see Moore obviously hasn’t got the slightest clue about Ann Coulter, or conservatives, or perhaps much else except his own provincial leftist ideology.  (And how does he know who she was “reduced to code-talking” to, and what that code is?  Is there some kind of new code-meter and audience target measuring device, post-Obama?) 

Coulter was and is no great fan of George Bush, save for his laudable history of taking on evil savage enemies, spreading freedom and democracy, protecting America (and Canada’s famous John Moore) from a terrorist attack after 9/11, standing up for most Judea-Christian values, and all but completely routing a global Islamofascist terrorists regime.  Coulter called Bush a “nincompoop” and constantly derided him —as all real conservatives did—for not being a fiscal conservative (and, by the way, for not doing a better job of fighting those two otherwise noble, right-headed wars). 

Moore, in his 3/4-page editorial in a national newspaper that is struggling to survive the year, repeatedly makes the claim (failing to see the bountiful irony), that Ann Coulter is now a “has-been”. 

• “It’s painfully clear she has crossed the threshold of her half life.” 

• “Even Coulter seems to realize her glory days are behind her.” 

I believe that last sentence was around the middle of the 3/4-page editorial in the national newspaper. 

imageQuick.  Read his editorial before the National Post and the other dinosaur mainstream media go bankrupt. 

Speaking of dinosaurs, Moore then deploys the very questionable tactic of using, as his scientific proof of that “best-before date” claim, the fact that Ann Coulter is “being fawned over by the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, who also know they’re the tyrannosaurs flailing their vestigial limbs in the new age of Obama.”

I love it when liberals use words they don’t understand to explain things that are patently stupid, illogical, and false on their faces.

For one thing, anyone who has ever watched Coulter on O’Reilly’s show (which obviously doesn’t include Moore—who’s also never been a guest, strangely enough), knows there is absolutely no love lost between those two, and actually, rarely is there as much tension in the room as when they are across the “Factor” desk from each other.  “Fawning” over her is the last thing O’Reilly could possibly be described as doing. So my guess is that he doesn’t really have a clue, and once again he proves only that he gets his faux Ann Coulter is just so stupid! information from the likes of the National Post or the CBC or the other CFRB radio hacks. 

Adding to the “tyrannosaurs flailing their vestigial limbs in the new age of Obama” fun, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are in fact the most popular faces on cable news, by far.  Hannity also has just about the most popular radio show in all of America after Moore’s other evil-doing nemesis, Rush Limbaugh and his mega-show.  (John Moore’s radio show is of course not on any popularity radar anywhere on Earth, and is utterly irrelevant.)  Their Fox News Channel TV shows’ viewing audiences are often double that of all the competition combined, in their respective time slots (which is prime time).  The viewership of Fox News Channel itself is way above those of all the other cable news channels including CNN, and unlike the other news media, is actually GROWING in size in Moore’s fantastic “new age of Obama”, not shrinking, like his radio audience likely is and like the National Post’s subscriber base likely is. Yes Fox News’, O’Reilly’s, and Hannity’s audiences have actually GROWN in this “new age of Obama”, since Obama was elected.  (FACTS AVAILABLE HERE!)  But that’s how “tyrannosaurs” are “flailing their vestigial limbs in the new age of Obama,”  according to Moore. 

Nonetheless, Moore’s amusing, unwittingly ironic penultimate conclusion is that “She’s no longer really part of the big-people debate.”  Which is why he in particular is doing it, and at the National Post, one unfortunately has to presume.  Talk about “flailing their vestigial limbs”! 

Finally, he concludes:  “Guilty and Coulter herself remind me of the final pressing of olives where you grind even the pits for whatever grimy, unpalatable oil might remain.”

And Ann Coulter’s the one who should be so sad and embarrassed? 

I am proud to say that I am in the sixth year of hosting Ann Coulter’s column—exclusively in Canada—right here at  It is usually posted by Wednesday evenings.  Stay tuned for tonight’s. 

And by the way, she’s wildly popular.

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