Nice headline, huh?  Just trying to mimic the liberal media.  Read on. 

National Post teases readers today in its daily emailed “headlines” newsletter:

Harper to attend U.S. climate talks

“The Harper government heads into a major climate change summit in Washington today, promoting a contentious plan that could allow countries such as the United States and China to increase their greenhouse gas pollution under the next international treaty on global warming, a senior aide to Environment Minister John Baird indicated Wednesday.”

No, actually, National Post pretend news but actually editorial service, I’m pretty sure a senior aide to Environment Minister John Baird never indicated that Harper’s trip to Washington was about “promoting a contentious plan” that could “allow countries such as the United States and China to increase their greenhouse gas pollution.” 

But nice twist of the words.  And it’s a good thing (for liberals) that they got readers to go and read the story because the actual headline, when you get there, is not what was in their newsletter, but this instead:

“Canada appeasing U.S. on global warming treaty, critics say”.  Ahh.  That’s much more liberal-left appeasing.  And now we can see the NP’s real thrust, which is the opposition’s opinion about the story—not the story itself.  Nice bait and switch. 

And thank goodness the NP is so concerned about fairness and balance whenever a conservative fellow says boo (because they are never as concerned when a liberal or leftist says any of the asinine things they say all day long).  In every such conservative case, they suddenly remember “balance!”, and dutifully trot out every opponent they can get hold of, and then ask them leading questions or let them recite their opposition, and then print it in explicit detail—often more detailed than that of the person who is the supposed main point of the story.  Often, unwittingly, in way, way too much detail, to the extent that the liberal (in this case Liberal David McGuinty) takes on the appearance of a completely stupid ass.  To wit:

…But Liberal environment critic David McGuinty said Harper’s proposal would sabotage international efforts to build a successful agreement to follow the Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012, and is more about appeasing the U.S. administration.

“What you have is Prime Minister Harper doing backflip after backflip, trying to accommodate what is now, everyone agrees, a lame duck administration on its last legs in Washington. Everybody knows it,” McGuinty said. “He’s playing right into the hands of the Republican administration.” …

Holy backfire, Batman! 

And to the NP:  that sure helps the environmental cause a lot, and informs Canadians about important things!  And oops, huh, so what if it also gratuitously slams George Bush and gratuitously advances the most jejune possible liberal-left talking points a few notches! 

On a slight tangent related only to liberals’ banality generally, let me also posit this question for the apparently stupid and grasping at straws (and straw men) Liberal environment critic David McGuinty:  Why in tarnation would a government—even a government of what he must surely believe are non-liberal-left morons and apes—which is in fact hoping to be re-elected (I’m speaking of the Harper government that McGuinty is so hateful of), “play into the hands of” and do “backflip after backflip” for what he describes as “what is now, everyone agrees, a lame duck administration on its last legs in Washington”?  Why would they do that?  If George Bush is a “lame duck”, then how could it logically follow that anyone would “play into the hands of” them?  To what advantage, exactly?  Not even Conservatives are that stupid, McGuinty, wouldn’t you agree?  Perhaps not.  Well then: how diplomatic and demonstrative of the high leadership qualities you Liberals possess!

That’s among the stupidest comments I’ve heard in at least a week.  So let me add this important detail to the story by way of a question:  You want people like this to run our country and be our government?  People who actively bash the sitting U.S. President like dumb-ass left-wing teen-agers who spend all their time reading and memorizing talking points from left-wing smear sits and blogs?  Great.  Conservative “lame duck” governments are only half your problems then.

(And only a dumb liberal would venture into the word choice of “appeasing”, as he did above, hoping the words “Islamofascist” and “surrender” aren’t unconsciously connected with it in people’s minds.) 

Nice off-topic dig though McGuinty.  And good on you for printing that, National Post.  That sort of anti-Bush DailyKos and Media Matters crap-speak should help your mutual friend Hillary and boost the feelings and emotions of liberals all across Canada.  Together, a great option for Canadians.  Liberals offering an imbecile like McGuinty, and the National Post a willing accomplice to his idiocy.