Lipstick: meet pig.  Oh you’ve already met!  Well then let’s share the excess lipstick; “to each according to his need,” if you will.  Line up over there, li’l piggies!

While the you’ve got to be kidding party the NDP  —  has already applied tons of happy smiley faces over their public agenda to hide their true (and still hidden, as best they can) socialist agenda, they’re now seeking more of those ubiquitous yellow stickers. (For my ever-so helpful imagery, in lieu of the official sticker, I went ahead and included a link to Jonah Goldberg’s superb best-seller, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left…, at left, largely because it includes one of those smiley faces.  But buy the book too.)

The socialists will be meeting later this week in Vancouver for a convention of the comrades.  Goldberg’s book will NOT be available, I’m pretty sure.  Nor will Ann Coulter’s Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.

Forget the rest of us in the smart, sober, and freedom-loving set who see the dangers of socialism and its many evils.  It seems even the socialists in the party are getting fed-up with denying or defending (or are they just getting embarrassed?) about all that overtly socialist and Marxist-sounding language in their party’s constitution.  Which they seek to apply to our Canada.  And I use the word “to” advisedly.

I’ve been warning you about it for years in my effort to prove that they’re all about socialism, even as they  —  the apologists for the NDP  —  become irate with me and lob rude and angry and hate-filled denials at me each time I bring it up.  And when they can’t convince me that they’re NOT about socialism (because they so clearly are), they then seek to convince me that socialism is a good thing (which is, of course, a preposterous notion).  And then they usually call me an “idiot,” and tootle off.

Don’t worry, socialists, it seems you’re still going to be fully devoted to socialism and to the global socialist order, as you always have been, but your agenda will just be a little more hidden than it already was.  For example you’ll still be called the “New Democratic Party,” which is ever so cute.

But apparently their efforts to cast socialism as being simply “new” and “democratic” has not been enough. In their upcoming convention beginning in Vancouver this week, the party — the NDP — will debate resolutions like this:

7-01-11 Resolution to Adopt a New Constitutional Preamble
Submitted by Resolutions Committee
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the existing Preamble to the Constitution be deleted;

“The New Democratic Party believes that he social, economic and political progress of Canada can be assured only by the application of socialist principles to government and the administration of public affairs.

The principles of democratic socialism can be briefly defined as:

• That the production and distribution of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people within a sustainable environment and economy and not to the making of profit;

• To modify and control the operations of the monopolistic and distributive organizations through economic and social planning. Towards these ends and where necessary the extension of the principle of social ownership;

• The New Democratic Part holds firm to the belief that he dignity and freedom of the individual is a basic right that must be maintained and extended; and

• The New Democratic Party is proud to be associated with the democratic socialist parties of the world and to share the struggle for peace, international cooperation and the abolition of poverty. “

In its place, they prefer something more like this: verbiage should replace “democratic socialism” and “democratic socialist parties of the world” with “social democratic principles” and “allies around the world working for international peace and justice.” See?  Drop the “socialism” and “socialist.”  Much better, huh?   But buyer beware, if you’ll allow a free-market-oriented term:  Socialists believe that democracy isn’t achieved until socialism is achieved.  They don’t tell you that what they mean by “social democracy” is socialism, because that would be scary-sounding to normal folks.

And therein lies more proof about what I’ve been warning you about for years, regarding cute terms like “economic justice” and “social justice” and “environmental justice” (and “justice” of nearly every kind)  —  it’s really just more code for socialism.

They also seek to drop their reference to “economic and social planning.” Drop that bit because, perhaps, it sounds like “central planning” as per the verbiage of the socialist countries like the old Soviet Union, and present-day Cuba and China and North Korea, which is precisely what it still is, in fact.

The resolution still alludes to their socialist/communist egalitarianism — including a goal of “economic and social equality…”.  So to be clear, which apparently is what they don’t really want to be, they don’t seek to change the intent or the agenda, just the language describing it.

But perhaps frustrating some of the lipstick suppliers, happy-face appliers, and word-changer/deniers, in other cases, their comrades are not only not shying away from the socialist language, they’re trying to add even more of it.

In an apparent taunt to folks like me who can see socialism/communism and those bright yellow happy-faces a mile away, they want to add: “ensuring that wealth and power are in the hands of the many and not the few.” In other words (insert sad-faced smiley  — or hey is there a hammer and sickle smiley?), redistributing wealth by taking it away from people who earned it and have it, and giving it to people who don’t have it for whatever reason, i.e., socialism. Or communism.  Oh let’s just once again make the direct reference to Marx, shall we?  “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” There’s some clear language for you.

Here’s some more!  This next one is submitted by a union.  Let me repeat that.  A union!  Can you just imagine if a resolution at a Conservative Party convention was submitted by, say, Bell or Rogers or Safeway?  No you can’t.  (1) It wouldn’t happen; and (2) there is no way to imagine the enormity of the liberal-left mainstream media’s outrage were that to happen.  Here, though, the “NDP” is resolving that the union and other special interest groups continue to be directly involved in influencing government and enacting legislation through parliamentary “activities”  —  which means lobbying by special interests in case you didn’t know.  So much for all that phony caterwauling about evil lobbyists and special interests influencing governments.  See, it’s bad only when they’re not the right lobbyists and special interests, apparently.  Here  they are admitting that theirs should “continue” to go on here, and they should even expand their “activities” (–wink! “Activities!”  That’s fantastic!) to new areas of socialism:

3-07-11 Resolution on Advocating for Pan-Canadian Child Care
Submitted by the Canadian Labour Congress
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party will continue to campaign and engage in parliamentary and extra-parliamentary activities for federal government funding and a legislative framework for a pan-Canadian early childhood education and care system that:
• Provides children from birth to 12 years with optional environments in which to grow and
• Provides those who care for our children the wages, working conditions, and respect that
reflect the value of the work they do, and
• Is non-profit, public, high quality, accessible, inclusive and affordable, with adequate
compensation to Quebec.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the NDP will make childcare a priority in the next federal election.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the NDP will oppose privatization and public funding for for-profit child care companies.

Still other resolution point right to communism and/or socialism by suggesting that the state will somehow begin  —  or continue  —  the process of ending what is now still largely private home ownership.  To wit:

“…Supporting social and cooperative housing, in cooperation with all levels of government … Ensuring that the cost of housing in Canada does not compromise an individual’s ability to meet other basic needs…”

How could you “ensure” that?  Hmm.  Are they going to set the prices of homes, now, just as they demand that government set the interest rates that credit cards charge, and other such state manipulation of the free market? (And yes, that’s also an official constitutional resolution. After state control of the banks like this, could a state takeover of the banks be far behind?  Answer: no.)

And of course on a social-engineering level, they continue to believe in the expansion of abortion. At least they call the violent ending of the life of  a perfectly viable human being “abortion,” instead of what they usually call it out on the street, which is “maternal health.”  That’s a whopper of a smiley face.  Oh hang on…

4-09-11 Resolution on Maternal Health
Submitted by London – Fanshawe
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following clause be added to section 4.2 of the policy book:
New Democrats believe in:
i. Supporting funding for global maternal mortality reduction initiatives that includes funds for contraception and for the provision of safe abortion, as well as for trained providers for contraception, abortion, pregnancy and childbirth care.

Ironically, and in my case actually sickeningly, they simultaneously “believe” in this one:

6-05-11 Resolution on Children’s Rights
Submitted by London – Fanshawe
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the following policy section be added to the policy book:
6.2 Children’s Rights New Democrats believe in:
a. The Rights of the Child as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by Canada December 13, 1991.
b. Governing to provide an economically and ecologically sustainable and peaceful future for generations to come.

I love how they continue to seek affirmation of and a building-up of their control of the media and its messaging.  They will attempt to resolve to seek to re-affirm and enlarge the “strict” (their word!) state control over the media by state controls and Soviet-style politburos like the CRTC  —  but not just over the “public” entities  —  over both “public” and privately-owned media:

6-04-11 Resolution on Independent Production and the CBC
Submitted by Outremont
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the New Democratic Party call on the Canadian government to require the CRTC to maintain strict Canadian content standards for all public and private broadcasters.
BE IT ALSO RESOLVED THAT the Board of Directors of the “Canada Media Fund” be composed of representatives appointed from all sectors of the public and private industry;
BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED THAT the Canadian government recognize the importance of Radio-Canada and the CBC and therefore protect them.

So enjoy the illusions and tricks this weekend.  Especially enjoy how the sycophantic left-wing mass media cover this convention as though it were just another political party with just another bunch o’ resolutions, rather than a bunch of people who would fundamentally transform Canada into a socialist state.  Watch how they whitewash over the whole socialism thing.  Count how many times they say “socialism.”  It will be exactly zero.  And remember as you watch this, that this is how the “NDP” has managed to live and grow to be taken so seriously by so many other useful idiots.  Insert finger-pointing smiley here.