Is there no shame on the left? Well let’s not piffle. No is the answer.

Bad enough that the progressives  —  and their big, big government and President Obama  —  have been revealed as absolute liars.

And bad enough that it has been proven once again, as if we needed it, that big government can’t run a lemonade stand much less the world’s biggest business.

And bad enough that as if to prove the aforementioned, they totally flubbed  —  on every level  —  MSNBC-capture_20131114_080136the roll-out of the very keystone (or should I call it the headstone?) of their existence, their prized Obamacare social program and social-engineering and big-government-apalooza.

Now the extreme left-wing tax-free group (a 501-c-4 nonprofit corporation) is actually using that epic failure to raise cash. Which I find very enjoyable.

In their breathless, logic-bending email to me today, they show us once again how the creators of this monstrous government mess  —  them and the progressives they got elected  —  are incapable of telling the truth, or of even acknowledging the truth when it whacks them in the head.

The email’s subject: “Obamacare is in serious trouble.”

Yeah, Obamacare is in serious trouble, and that’s where their truth ends and the politics take over.

Obamacare is in serious trouble on multiple levels. The economics don’t work (I think even they know that  —  they just don’t care). The “customers” in general aren’t buying it even though they are forced by law to do so. Moreover, the right kind of people  —  young and healthy folks  —  aren’t buying it. The big multi-hundred-million-dollar government healthcare web site is a massive and massively expensive government failure of epic, historic proportions. And time is running out. Not like in reality TV shows when they say time is running out  —  time really is running out in the business/economic sense. Along with several other business and market and human realities, these things will lead to Obamacare’s own death spiral.

But that’s not what they’re concerned about.

So here’s how they open their remarks in the email:

Dear MoveOn member,

There’s no sugar-coating it: Obamacare is in serious political trouble. And progressives need to step up and start fighting to save it right now.

Obviously, the law itself is still really good. …

You see, it’s merely “political trouble” (their bolding). Their interest isn’t in fixing the law email -2013-11-14_171900so it makes sense (something I contend is impossible, with the only solution being repeal). Their interest is only ideological. Political. It is to make Obamacare appear to be OK, by raising and then spending tons of cash (sounds like progressives!) on even more ads. And I found this part interesting and hilarious at the same time, given what we know about the Obama-loving, liberal/left-wing mainstream media: they want to spend cash putting pressure on the news media to change their tune about it. To wit:

We also need to hold media outlets accountable for spreading false reports about the parts of the law that are working just fine. … We’ll also counter the Republicans’ misinformation campaign by petitioning media outlets to correct their false reports.

Not sure how much cash that requires. Are they going to pay media off? Too bad the media won’t follow that money!

But note that to them it’s not the law itself  —  it’s a perception and news reporting and politics problem. “Obviously, the law itself is still really good,” see. If only the media would report on the good bits, not the bad bits.

Weird: that lament about media not reporting the good stuff and just the bad stuff reminds me of what Obama said today in his pathetic “fix” speech, which I tweeted about at the moment:

Huh. Same line. What a coinkidink.

These are people so out of touch with reality  —  and so ideological  —  that what they care most about is the politics of it. As in Canada, the liberal/socialist/progressive left has glommed-onto a massive government-run, social program and business, set up mostly to try to prove their big-government ideology, and to dominate a huge segment of the huge, erstwhile free market economy (or relatively, anyway).  Any admission of their failure spells their own demise, politically.

Obamacare, for the progressives, has to work, not because it will help people, but mainly because it and big government takeovers like it are at the heart of all liberal, socialist, progressive ideology. “[P]rogressives need to step up and start fighting to save it right now,” they shout. But for political reasons. They said it themselves: “Obamacare is in serious political trouble.”

Their solution?

We’re aiming to raise $175,000 to make sure we have enough resources to turn the tide. Can you chip in $3?

Some days they say “chip on $3,” other days it’s “chip in $5.” But amazing how they landed on what I’m guessing is an utterly arbitrary $175,000!

I think they pull figures (to say nothing of facts) directly out of their butts. I imagine it goes like this:

Hey Saphire, so I’m all like what amount do you think we should put on the freak-out scarey email newsletter today, like?

Well Angeleek, dude, we should like be all like take one of those jazz-hands votes like we did at our Occupy rallies, but I’m all over about like $175,000?

Awesome! Up twinkles!

That’s all that will be required to “save Obamacare?” So far, the Obama regime has spent about a billion taxpayer dollars just to attempt to sort of launch this massive failure. But $175,000 will fix it up? Oh yeah, I remember  —  it won’t fix Obamacare per se  —  it will merely fix the politics.

But like those reality shows on TV, they actually do claim time is running out! 

But we don’t have much time.

And later…

But the clock is ticking. If we don’t shift the momentum soon, it could be too late to save this law we fought so hard for.

As I said time really is running out. But it’s not just for Obamacare. It’s for liberals, progressives, the whole notion that they’re trying to sell: the ability of big government to create, or operate, or manage, anything, effectively. And make no mistake: when they say time is running out, that’s literally what they are referring to in their email.