Editor’s note: This article refers to Sun News Network, which is owned by Quebecor Media Inc.  It’s a new cable news channel in Canada which tolerates and even welcomes conservatives and their viewpoints, and challenges liberal-left group-think, their politics and culture, and their media.


On Tuesday, my TV show debuts on Sun News.

The Arena with Michael Coren airs at 7 p.m. weeknights, and I predict even before it airs the petty princes of the Media Party and the old hacks of the establishment will have written their condemnations.

Closed minds and empty heads do not desire open debate, but want their own suburban opinions affirmed and cuddled. I’m afraid they’re just not going to get that on my watch.

I should give a public health warning right now I suppose: “What you’re about to see each evening is not suitable for people who are easily offended, who think the CBC is intelligent and balanced, who adopt a default anti-Israel and anti-American position, who think they are urbane when they mock Christians, who are frightened of being critical of Islamic radicalism, gay extremism and powerful liberals.”

For the rest of you, who compose the vast bulk of this great country, watch and enjoy.

You don’t have to agree with me or my guests, but all I ask is that you exhibit the same tolerance for contrary opinion as I show for those with whom I disagree. It’s why I will have an open house on the show for all sorts of opinions, hard left as well as strong right.

For too long we’ve been told the mushy middle is entertaining and the left is always correct. Sorry, the cards of television history have been reshuffled.

Having an hour of television five nights a week means I can explore pretty much every issue, but in particular I want to report on censorship, free speech, faith and morals, religion, foreign affairs and arts and culture.

To give one brief example, last week almost 1.5 million young people assembled in Madrid for World Youth Day. This is not the laughable lie of the “magic million” we’re told attend gay pride day, but a genuine number. They were youngsters from all over the world, of all colours and races, boys and girls, rich and poor. There were around 100 protesters, who stupidly thought Spain should not pay for the event, when in fact Spain was NOT paying for the event. That aside, the time given to the protest by our state broadcaster and by the BBC in Britain and the U.S. networks was shameful.

That sort of propaganda won’t happen on The Arena.

Similarly with alleged no-go areas such as abortion, homosexuality, proud support for Israel, the traditional family, Canadian values, the nonsense of relativism — people are tired of being told what to think, tired of those who assume they know better controlling the vehicles of expression and thought.

Now you have a voice, you have a platform.

I give you my word that pretty much all ideologies will be welcome, and I want powerful debate and not publicly funded doctrine.

I predict human rights commissions complaints, death threats, abuse and little critics writing little things. Actually I’ll have failed if these things don’t happen.

As my friend Jack Layton said, “Michael, we agree and we disagree, but Canada’s a better place with you in it.”

God rest his soul, and God bless you.