New tech gadget gets TV to mute on mention of Obama, Pelosi, Chris Matthews, Tampax…


Oh my list would be long.

Enough Already —  Arduino mutes TV’s overexposed celebrities

Are you besieged by celebrities? Sure, you could try turning off the TV, but now there’s a more complex, DIY solution: Enough Already, an Arduino box that mutes your television at any mention of certain names — Lady Gaga, for example. The setup’s fairly simple if you’re comfortable with hardware hacking; it uses the Video Experimenter Shield to read closed captioning data, then sends the mute command via IR whenever offending words appear. Of course, you can tweak the blacklist however you like, so Pippa Middleton updates will still get through. Follow the tutorial after the break and you’ll be able to once more channel-surf in peace, knowing you’ll never again have to hear the word “Snooki.”

My TV would be very quiet
I sat here and thought of about 160 names I would add to the list.

Watch the tutorial video (below) from the inventor about how to do it.  It’s a pretty funny tutorial, in that high-tech I don’t know what the H you are talking about kind of way.  It’s certainly not for the Luddite, the techno- faint of heart, or (as you’ll once again be reminded if you watch it) those millions of you who totally wasted your or your parents’ (and certainly taxpayers’) cash getting that “arts” or “sociology” degree in a state college or university. Nor for those of you who hate entrepreneurs who will become “millionaires and billionaires” and who will soon be buying “corporate jets,” just because they didn’t bother learning about socialism in college and chose, instead, to get out there to take advantage of America and its free-market, capitalist system and do something useful and make tons of money because you still can in America, up to now.