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1. Tweet-Fest
Last night’s GOP presidential candidates debate was interesting.  *Burp*.  I live-Tweeted it and deployed a Twitter display application on this web site that showed the stream of Tweets of me and some of other Twitterers of choice. The replay of that stream is still there now and will remain at that blog entry.  Check it out. I’m going to do it again soon, maybe during another Obama teleprompter spectacular, or the next GOP debate. Let me know if you want me to include you in the list of Twitterers.

Bachmann lost the debate; Perry lost his mind (a bit).

It was Michele Bachmann’s chance to regain the ground lost by her much maligned comments concerning her opposition to government-mandated (though opt-outable) Gardasil vaccinations for little girls in Texas under Governor Perry (a program later cancelled by the courts there), and the link to mental retardation that she’d relayed from an even looser-talking supporter. But she didn’t regain any ground, and sounded like she was just arguing some more, bickering, and belaboring the point. Rick Perry was the target of her objections and he did no better during that scuffle.

But it was during one of the many scuffles with Mitt Romney that Perry suddenly had what we’ve all had, which was a lapse of concentration and a stumble-fest over words that he just couldn’t get out of his mouth in the proper order, or with his usual Texas cadence. It’s a clip that MSNBC will replay over and over and over. Well that and the part where a couple of total idiots in the live audience booed a YouTube question from an active military serviceman, who spoke from the location of his overseas deployment, about being gay in the military.  I’m not sure if the couple of morons in the audience were booing the soldier and his talk of being gay, which would have been despicable since he’s a serving soldier, or the fact that that particular subject/question was chosen from the many other more important topics that could have been, which it shouldn’t have been.  But as one Twitterer said in the live stream…[blackbirdpie url=”!/KurtSchlichter/status/117060499719471104″]

Canadian MP lost her boobs (sort of)

I almost didn’t bring this (or these) point(s) up but from my perspective as a political media analyst it’s too damn funny to avoid, even if it’s not important.

I hardly need to point out the difference.

It seems when this left-wing MP won her election bid earlier this year, the photo she’d originally gone with was deemed  —  by her or someone in the bureaucracy, we’re still not sure  —  to be showing too much cleavage.  Perhaps someone thought it wasn’t professional looking enough.  I don’t know. But they apparently digitally airbrushed the cleavage out after the fact, and the one at right is what now adorns her official parliamentary page.

The Canadian mainstream media is mostly leaving this alone, but (and this is the point), I think that’s because of the subject’s political affiliation rather than their editorial decision regarding its newsworthiness.  It’s another example of hypocritical, left-wing-protective politics in action.  If this photo story-ette concerned a conservative (Conservative Party) member of parliament (MP), it would be blasted all over the news and mocked to Kingdom come.  Conservative Boob-Gate, they’d call it. Conservatives would be cast as moronic prudes, and as being rooted in a bygone era, and as sexless, religious-right, Christian fundamentalist nuts, and all the rest of their usual anti-conservative political crap.

But the fact that it’s about a woman who belongs to Canada’s hard-left socialist party (the New Democratic Party or NDP), which the media adores and arguably keeps alive in Canada through their incessant yammering about it in positive tones, they’re mute.

The story is written-up here.

More brain, less boob.

Mark Steyn, a giant brain, is filling in for the also brainy Rush Limbaugh today, and will expose all the left-wing boobs out there. A fantastic amount of cleavage will be shown between the left and the right.  Everybody can tell the difference between a boob and a brain, so no amount of airbrushing can help the left boobs.

You can listen online here, from 9 AM PDT to noon (from noon to 3 EDT).

Warrior for the middle bits.
“You know what?” That’s how Obama began his sentence. Some of you know how much that irks me. They never wait for the answer even though I’m standing there wondering “what.” I never guess it either, which really pisses me off. What… you like muffins?  You need a shower?  What?!  Oh I give. 

Anyway Obama asked that, and then answered that he is… drum roll…. are you ready?….. “a warrior for the middle class.”  Huh.  And it wasn’t the stuttering that so amused me as he said it. (Well whatever). It was the bellicose, and sort of  charlatan-esque nature of it, which so reminded me of “hope” and “change” and those creepy Che Guevara-like posters of his during the last election.

…More coming…