NewsQuips are like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get. Good line huh? Except that’s not really true.  When you buy a box of chocolates, you pretty much know what you’re going to get, or you wouldn’t buy them.  So.  

By the way, I like the ones filled with nuts and caramel.


1.  First good line heard today:
“You can’t outsmart the market” –Reince Priebus, RNC boss, re Obama “green” corporate welfare, on Fox News Channel moments ago.

People don’t “invest” in things they aren’t pretty sure about.  Not even a $3 box of chocolates.  Governments like Barack Obama’s do. They invest a half billion of your dollars in failing companies for you.  Corporations that are connected to his election campaign. Take Solyndra. No I mean you might as well take it as they are bankrupt after blowing your half billion.

Priebus was speaking to revelations, breaking this morning, that still more “green” corporate welfare recipients  —  like Reince PriebusObama’s corporate pals Solyndra  —  are going belly-up, or are not hiring people, or are generally just not working out. It’s leaving a bad taste in the mouths of taxpayers. Like one of those chocolates you bite into and can’t stand so you put it back?  It’s gross but what are you gonna do?

Apparently the Obamatons are claiming that other country’s governments are “investing” in green companies, so the U.S. also has to, or else the U.S. will lose the race, see?

Which of course helps explain the concept of socialism or fascism.

Corporate welfare is like a box of… well actually it’s just stupid. It’s a box full of stupid.

2.  Steve Jobs’ Apple was never polished by government bailouts.
And that is a green company like no other, before green was even”cool”.  And before the government demanded we need it, and demanded we like it.

Apple is so smart they know what the people  —  the market —  needs before we even know we need it.

3.  NewsQuips may be on the move to new digs.
We knew they were too good to last long here. They need their own box. Stay tuned.

4.  Second good line I’ve come across so far today…
Jonah Goldberg’s article at NRO: “If captured alive, terrorists pose political problems for Obama.”

Buy the book Liberal Fascism
Spoiler alert  —  closing sentences.

If captured alive, terrorists pose political problems for Obama. Where do we put them? How do we interrogate them? And, most pressingly, how do we try them?

I don’t think those are tough questions. But Obama does. So he prefers to kill these people outright, avoiding the questions altogether.

Jonah Goldberg wrote the best-seller Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Change.  It’s required reading for all politicos.

5.  Third best line I’ve heard so far today:
President Obama: “Thank you everybody”  —  as he finally, mercifully, finishes his news conference in which he wasted my last hour and ten minutes, and tootles off stage.

In post-news conference discussion at Fox News Channel, the first question about it directed at Bret Baier was, “What’s the WH trying to do …  What was the overriding purpose?”  No I mean he really didn’t know.  Nor do I.  Nor did Bret.  Nor did Obama.


6. Best comment line of the day:
Back to Jonah Goldberg (one of the good chocolates today) and his latest post at NRO, in which he discusses the spectacle that the “Occupy Wall Street” hippies are making of themselves in various cities.  He says he’s delighted, because the “Marxists belches and burps” that have and will emanate from them will have to be directly associated with the Democratic Party, and all its candidates, and its pundits, by all liberals and all of the tea party-hating liberal media, in order for them to be seen to be treating them the same as they have treated the tea party and its more exuberant individuals.

Which is an excellent line of thought in an of itself, but I’ve already bestowed Jonah with “Second best line” status today.  So it’s one of his commenters that wins for this one:

10/05/11 10:12
It’s awesome – now I can show my kids what happens if you major in Social Work


7.  Possibly more coming