I’m not sure if I’m more shocked that it has taken Americans this long to figure out Barack Obama, or if it’s the fact that the L.A. Times actually published a story about the latest Gallup poll showing Obama tanking.

A new Gallup poll (Sunday Aug 14) shows Obama’s approval rating tanking to lowest level ever, at 39%. a majority —  54% disapprove of his performance.



This come on the heels of and confirms the daily Rasmussen tracking which I posted earlier.


And don’t forget, this is while the America doesn’t even have a Republican candidate to love, yet.  Now I suppose it could be argued that having a Republican candidate that folks don’t love, could work in Obama’s favor.  But it could also make it even worse.  A Chris Christie or Rick Perry opponent could flatline Obama’s chances.


And here’s a Tweet that I just tweeted:

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