“…And so to my friends on the right…”

— President Obama,
Prime time address to the nation, Sept. 10, 2013.

Since on the Syria matter he doesn’t even have enough “friends on the left,” it’s crucial that President Barack Obama finds appeal among “friends on the right,” while America is on the brink of war (to say nothing of America’s economic and Obamacare problems).  Alas, as a result of his own bad decisions, extremely poor planning, and very bad politics, and possibly even a major character flaw, Obama now has very few “friends on the right.”

Barack Obama has spent the bulk of his career  —  including his 2008 campaign-era self-branded “post-partisan” presidency  —   flouting his hate-on for the right.  This is where a writer could insert the words “if he respects the right, he’s hiding it very well.” But he hides nothing. He puts it right out there. He hates the right. He hates conservatives. And friends (if I may use that word), that’s half or more of America.

This is a president who has been in constant election campaign mode  —  and it’s an extremely negative Obama-canard-speakcampaign at that  —  ever since he began a career in politics, and that includes his time as a supposed “community organizer.”  During that “community organizer” time, his work apparently mostly involved organizing communities against conservatives or Republicans. Black against whites. Poor against rich.  Dividing America. He’s still doing it today, only today he has the power and prestige of the United States presidency behind him.

Quite clearly, that 2007/08 presidential campaign was based on false pretenses. We all remember his overly grandiose, teleprompter-read speeches glorifying his vision of a united America, wherein nasty partisan differences would be smoothed over by his magical touch and flowery speeches. Apparently just his being elected president would solve all the problems dividing America. Obama said then: “This is not a Republican America.  This is not a Democratic America. This is the UNITED States of America!”

He was being mendacious. And here I am using the gentlest possible language.

He is constantly insulting the right  —  browbeating them at every opportunity. His now constant snarks, passed glibly through his ever-willing mainstream media division, and those sophomoric, negative, anti-Republican clichés he pitches almost daily, is hardly the making of any political friendship. Or a united America.

Instead of what should be a constant effort to bring both political sides together in pursuit of that which is in the shared American interest, like national security and military attacks against other countries; and even those things on his own left-wing political agenda  —  most of his presidential oratory includes overly partisan rhetoric which would normally be reserved for negative campaign TV attack ads, or those near-hate-speech and anti-Republican canards written in emails from his left and far-left 501(c)(4)-registered “Organizing For America” (BarackObama.com), and the 501(c)(4)-registered MoveOn.org, and his MSNBC and other media divisions.

Ironically, in so denigrating the right, he has and continues to miss every available opportunity to reach agreement and unity on the major issues of our time  —  and even on his own agenda and that of his many special interests. This is not the mark of an intelligent man, or of a successful presidency. This speaks to character issues.

In his largely vacuous speech last night, Barack Obama, professional (negative) campaigner that he is, described the right as those who only value “America’s military might,” while he reserves what he perceives as loftier aspirations for his many friends on the left: they were described as those with a “belief in freedom and dignity for all people.”  Most people would not see those qualities as being incongruous. But Barack Obama does. He reflexively divides. Why did he purposely divide sides like that? Because that’s his modus operandi.

And so to my friends on the right, I ask you to reconcile your commitment to America’s military might with a failure to act when a cause is so plainly just.

To my friends on the left, I ask you to reconcile your belief in freedom and dignity for all people with those images of children writhing in pain and going still on a cold hospital floor, for sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough.

This kind of passive-aggressive insult on the right is all the more troubling because it is designed to divide and denigrate Republicans to the entire nation. MoveOn.org could sue him for plagiarism.

Obama speaks with left hand
Obama speaks last night with clenched fist of left hand. His right is invisible.

But where in the world did the president of the United States get the idea he could be so smarmy on national TV  and pigeon-hole Republicans as (and only as) lovers of a big old military?  Well, this is easily identified as the typical talk of an 11th or 12th grade social studies student, after having been taught by Republican-hating teachers, all his life. And sadly, this is the American academic reality today. Obama was the product of it, and he embraces it and advances it today. So his attitude betrays his sophomoric, simplistic, and woefully incorrect view of Republicans  —  and of half or more of the country. And therefore, in fact, of America writ large.

Almost as troubling as Obama’s seeming animosity toward at least half the country is his habit of projecting, and his glib displays of hypocrisy. There are too many examples to cite. Suffice it to say that with this faulty Syria attack plan, even the left are now seeing it more clearly.

At every turn, Obama turns a Republican quality into a Democratic one. In the example of last night’s speech, he did it at least once, to wit: “I have resisted calls for military action.”

What?!  As most Americans including even his “friends on the left,” know, it is largely his “friends on the right” who have resisted bombing Syria  —  at least under the faulty plans he has laid out. Obama and his deputies have been non-stop pushing —  trying to sell the faulty Syria attack idea  — to Republicans, and to Americans in general, who in numbers have not yet bought in.

And “sometimes resolutions and statements of condemnation are simply not enough,” he also said.

Huh?! In reality that’s all he does! That’s all he knows how to do!  All he does is campaign and make speeches, hoping, and what’s more troubling  —  expecting  —  positive results. It has failed every single time, and sometimes miserably.

So let’s review our lesson: Republicans love military and wars. Ew, yuck. Democrats by comparison love freedom and dignity for all people. They’re the greatest. Now for homework tonight kids, write an essay on how George W. Bush is a war criminal for attacking the Hilter-like, chemical weapon-using Saddam Hussein and giving the Iraqi people a chance for freedom and democracy. And those of you who include any information about his ongoing commitment to his AIDS and malaria work in Africa, through which he probably saved the lives of millions of people, or how his primary philosophy revolves around his love for freedom and dignity for all people  —  will be given a D. And that won’t stand for Democrat. And that’s bad. See?

Thanks friends.