“As we get closer to the holidays, there’s an important talk we all can have with our families.”

That’s the line Obama and his permanent campaign team is now using in a phoney appeal to the family and people’s emotions, to sell his Obamacare nonsense.

Obama lies and fakes you out to get Obamacare support
The President of the United States Barack Obama lies and fakes you out to get Obamacare and Democratic Party support

In my latest email from the BarackObama.com “Organizing For Action” site, Barack Obama and his acolytes attempt to fake Americans out by appealing to their love of family (you know, that annoying conservative trait that he knows those darn Americans still cling to), and to their emotional heartstrings, with a lovely, albeit deceptive as hell, message for “the holidays” (not Christmas, mind you  — “the holidays.” He’s a leftist). Here’s what the text reads when you click the email’s link:

It’s time to have the talk

The holidays are filled with quality family time — a great time to talk about what’s truly important.

Watch this video and then sign up to learn more about having the talk with your loved ones.

Naturally, the video is nothing but a cheap-ass sales pitch  —  not for the value of the family  —  but for his big government Obamacare.

The video is supposed to be “funny,” but it is in fact stupid.  It may well have been created and produced by Team Sebelius. The comedy crashed.

The big red “LEARN MORE” button on the page doesn’t lead to good info about the importance of families, of course.  It actually means “LEARN MORE” …about the importance of big huge, growing, nanny-state government, and “please send us some money,” as if I had to tell you.

Here’s the screen you actually get when you seek to “LEARN MORE”:


What a disgrace for a president to sucker people in this way. It is so far beneath the dignity of the office to do this. But this “bait-and-switch” and “you’re a sucker” and “do or say whatever you have to, even if it’s a total lie” attitude seems to permeate his thinking, and that of the nearly all people he surrounds himself with.

I’m quite sure this is how so many liberals, socialists  —  progressives generally  —  think.

What a disgrace.


I noticed on the left side of the initial page that you’re directed to when you’re suckered into clicking the emailed link, they took that giant, humungous photo of Obama’s mug off of it, and replaced it with Christmas  —  sorry, “holiday”  —  Christmas tree, err, “happy tree” decorations! How come?

Not only that, but the “LEARN MORE” button now leads instead to ….nothing. Click it, and …nothing. Click it again and …nothing. They either took the link to (Democratic Party donation-central) away, or the barackobama.com site has started working like their healthcare.gov division.

Also, a note on the, um, “happy-tree” decorations now replacing Obama’s mug: I get the festive dangly drugs, (oh, merry drugs!), the heart, the snowflake, the um, “happy-tree,” and the traditional holiday bandage, but what’s that first one — a chicken leg?