In a healthier, more ethical and robust, and better adjusted age, the so-called occupiers would not have been tolerated for more than a few moments, and we would not have been obliged to spend enormous amounts of public money on the police, judges, and politicians wasting their and our time on responding to some of the most pampered of our world.

But we lost the application of common sense long ago, and in its place have inserted a twisted, tangled web of leaping at every whim of the new neurotics, and treating their habits and spasms as issues of genuine concern.

I sometimes wonder if the entire occupation is not part of some larger, greater, grander conspiracy. Something cooked up by the Masonic/Zionist conspiracy, the Bilderberg Group, or perhaps a deadly alliance of the Fantastic Four and X-Men, in the pay of the CIA. You see, while the self-loving Bollinger Bolsheviks have been skipping lectures and living off mummy and daddy’s money, the genuinely oppressed have been screaming for our attention, and have largely been ignored.

It’s rather like the AIDS crisis, and how it had been ravaging black Africa for 40 years and the world did nothing. These were black people, with no power, and so their deaths didn’t matter. Suddenly HIV began causing agony among gay men in North America and the story became front-page news. Far more Africans have died, and are still dying, than westerners, but only one group’s story is sexy enough for our selfish mentalities.

AIDS is horrible, whomever the victim, but a local library reducing its opening time by an hour, or a public service worker losing a fraction of an over-generous pension, is hardly a martyrdom beyond comprehension. Not that most of the occupiers are worried about libraries and pensions — they don’t read, and money doesn’t seem to be a problem, judging by their amount of leisure time.

Yet the downtrodden in Syria and Egypt, for example, who are beaten and slaughtered, make the news only when there is a lull in Occupation Update. The starving in Sudan and Somalia are given a moment’s sound bite only if Occupying Fashion Tips is off the air.

The mentally ill in Canada unable to find a hospital bed or a psychiatrist are entirely ignored, because everybody’s obsessed with the latest episode of Occupy! A Modern Soap.

It is a bourgeois conceit. “I care about what is going on in a Canadian city, because I live close by, and because Ms. Jones next door has a son whose girlfriend was part of the occupation, and she’s really nice, and won’t eat meat, think the Palestinians are cute, and watches David Suzuki on television. Oh, and she’s white, and speaks English, and doesn’t push me out of my comfort zone.”

One last question. If a group of black teens assembled in a public park, having a bit of fun, but not breaking the law, do you think the police would challenge them? Of course they would.

Yet white fools certainly breaking the law in public parks were until the last few days given police protection. We prejudge in all sorts of ways, don’t we Comrade?