BREAKING: Conservatives aren’t “racists,” just because we don’t like Barack Obama or any of his liberal-fascist ideas. Also BREAKING: the sky is blue. And THIS JUST IN: many liberals are pathological liars. Actually that last bit wasn’t “breaking” inasmuch as it’s now old news, witness Obamacare, “stimulus funding,” the IRS scandal, Benghazi, gun-running, big government is good, and so much more.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching too much MSNBC, where all day long, the “news” is none of that, but rather it’s that Republicans, conservatives, the dreaded (to them  —  beloved to me) tea party  — are all… “racists.” Or if you’re watching their Martin Bashir, someone should defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth. (Now you see why I use the word pathological.)

It is a fact that progressives, whether they’re socialists or liberals, cannot believe  —  let me rephrase that  —  they pretend to be incapable of comprehending  —  that it’s simply a matter of conservatives disagreeing with Obama’s abject liberal-leftism and radical progressivism. So the self-described smart-set devolve into not just run-of-the-mill political disagreement, but abhorrent insults and character assassination.

It’s not a good look for them either way I phrased it. In my first attempt, they’re maladaptive and denyRacist-Dog-Granny-Cartoon reality, and in the rephrase they’re a farce. Either way they’re childish name-callers, except in this case, the name-calling is radical, and is intended to result in serious personal damage to their opponents’ character and reputation. It’s worse than racism. It’s a lie, and it’s damaging to both sides  —  and to black people.

Great strategery, there, libs!

They love that Obama is black, but alas, and I think even Obama is OK with this as is Oprah, it’s mostly because they can use him as a racial jumping-off point, in lieu of cogent argument.  You disagree with Obamacare! Why, you’re a racist! Republicans are racists! Vote Democrat!

But the irony is lost on them  —  or again, they’re pretending it is. For the supposedly science-loving liberals it is frustrating that Barack Obama is black, because his election literally proves that there isn’t the monumental scale of racism in America that they pretend there is, requiring all manner of the desired massive government intervention and government growth, to combat it. They shield their eyes from that political science reality. Even Oprah, arguably one of the most powerful women in the world, seems to ignore the obvious irony of her wrong-headed accusations of “racism.”

They are “deniers” then, really, aren’t they? But who they call “deniers?” Conservatives! Progressives are ridiculous.

They are unwittingly admitting defeat by calling conservatives “racists.” They are tacitly acknowledging that they are too stupid to come up with anything better. They know conservatives are right. But they’re stymied.

Yes it’s a pathological thing. My contention has always been that lefties call conservatives racists to deflect from the fact that they themselves are racists. The ruse goes like this: “I can’t be a racist because I’m calling you a racist.” Well (contra the assertion I just made) they really are racists while I am not. And I don’t just think so because of their racism of lowered expectations, by which they construct a false notion that in order for blacks to succeed, blacks need government props and assistance and programs and supports; and they even coined the phony Orwellian term “affirmative action,” to address a self-fulfilling prophecy and a problem mostly of their own making.

The problem is really that they are inveterate psychological projectors. They incessantly project their own inadequacies onto conservatives. Obama does this constantly. It’s more than just the blame-shifting he engages in daily. The most recent example is where he’d repeatedly stated he wouldn’t negotiate regarding the debt ceiling, but simultaneously claimed (falsely), as often as you could, on the national stage, that the whole problem was that Republicans refused to negotiate.

They are anti-women sexists for the same reason. A Republican “war on women?” That’s another farce. Liberals believe women are incapable of making it on their own. Conservatives know women can stand and do on their own two feet, and don’t need myriad government aids to make it in this world. It’s a Democratic war on women. It’s like we’re in opposite world.

Ace of Spades said it well last night, regarding MSNBC’s Martin Bashir’s unhinged smear/rant against Sarah Palin, in which he insinuated that someone ought to defecate in her mouth (and yes, he’s still on the air):

…Leftist politics, I maintain, are not a politics at all, but a psychological response to one’s shortcomings and feelings of failure. Leftist politics are, simply put, a way of getting even with a world that’s done one wrong — and most people carrying about such grievances against a world that’s done one wrong are psychologically broken.

These fairytale “politics” give them an avenue to vent their rages and turmoils about their failures and inadequacies in a way that is deemed, incorrectly, to be socially acceptable and even high-minded.

If a man were raving on the street in this fashion — about his hopes that someone would literally sh*t in a perceived “enemy’s” mouth (a perceived “enemy,” who, crucially, he’s never actually met) — most of us would shake our heads in secondary shame. Some of the more empathetic of us would call social services and attempt to have the madman brought in for psychological treatment.

But the left — Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, Daily Kos, all of the hateful, raging, vibrating-with-resentment left — does this sort of thing in the guise of “political commentary” and no one makes the connection between this broken-souled primal screaming and mental unwellness.

That’s their cover. They just call their inner rages “politics” and their antisocial behaviors “activism,” and then they pretend to be normal, well-adjusted people. …

Well Ace of Spades is obviously a racist misogynist denier. So am I. So are most normal people. Someone should really start a government program to correct our thinking.

And so it’s, “I can’t be sexist because I’m calling you sexist,” and “I can’t be a ‘denier’ because I’m calling you a denier,” and “you don’t merely disagree with Obama on an intellectual or ideological or political level, you’re just a racist!”

This is not politics. This is pathological.