Peggy Noonan: her sublimeness covers the ridiculous Weiner with 124 words.

Peggy Noonan is one of the two columnists I wished I could, but never could, land at my web sites (the other being Charles Krauthammer).  So I point.

Someone Had a Good Week

Of course he should resign—or, better, and as a statement, the House should remove him. I speak as a conservative who wishes to conserve. If I were speaking as a Republican I’d say, “By all means keep him, let him taint all your efforts.”

But sometimes all of Washington has to put up its hand up like a traffic cop and say no. It has to say: That doesn’t go here, it’s not acceptable, it’s not among the normal human transgressions of back stairs, love affairs and the congressman on the take. This is decadence. It is pornography. We can’t let the world, and the young, know it’s “politically survivable.” Because that will hurt us, not him, and define us, not him. So: enough.

It then changes channels to the “someone” who had a good week: Mitt Romney.

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