In explaining President Obama, Harry Reid, and all Democrats’ agenda in being returned to power in 2012 and beyond, and their battle against the Paul Ryan/Republican tough-but-sound budget proposal being touted by Republicans, writer Peggy Noonan hits the nail on the head, as is her habit.  Here’s a penultimate conclusion in her latest Wall Street Journal column, describing the Democrats:

It is a long time since I’ve seen such transparent demagoguery, such determined dodging. It’s obvious the White House political plan for 2012 is this: The Democrats will call for fiscal discipline and offer no specifics or good-faith starting points. They will leave the Republicans to be specific, and then let them be hanged with their candor. Democrats will speak not of what they’ll do but only of what they would never do, such as throw grandma out in the snow.

In lieu of someone in the Republican Party properly explaining to Americans the value of the Ryan plan  —  particularly for saving Medicare, they could do a lot worse than to hire Peggy Noonan to take the reigns from them, and have her explain it to America.

Read it all here. (Four-minute read)