Just uploaded this to the BoldColors.net YouTube Channel: An investigative reporter, Judith Miller (Pulitzer Prize-awarded former New York Times reporter), and Kirsten Powers, a Democratic Party spokesman, on Fox News Channel, just moments ago, bashed the mainstream media and Obama administration over the Benghazi coverup.

Both acknowledge a shared coverup between the media and the Obama administration, as I have since the day after it happened.

Some notable quotes from the video segment:

  • Dem talker Kirsten Powers: “The mainstream media is completely pathetic.”
  • Dem talker Powers: “This is as much of a scandal –the way the media has behaved– as what happened in Libya.”
  • Dem talker Powers: “It’s no longer possible to defend them [the mainstream media]”
  • Dem talker Powers: “They’re [the mainstream media] carrying water for the administration.”
  • Pulitzer winner Judith Miller: media has been “co-conspirators” with the Obama admin, covering Benghazi up.


This follows up nicely on the heels of my blog post here, called “Last chance for media, reporters, to save reputations, and finally get honest on Obama” (they missed their chance  —  it’s too late now), and numerous other posts and columns at BoldColors.net, and my many Twitter tweets about it.

You’ll remember the Obama admin blamed it on a YouTube video for weeks, and still have provided no answers.


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