The Prager Conservative Concerto: Dennis Prager’s melodic steps to understanding left-wing, right-hating media


Dennis PragerDennis Prager, Conservative columnist, radio show host, and PragerU, um, Headmaster? Principle? — I’m trying to find a non-triggering word here since even “founder” might trigger something à la the Founding Fathers) — also happens to love classic music. He has frequently conducted orchestras as a guest conductor as a way to help build the audience for classical music and raise money for the orchestras (he has never been paid).

But far be it for Prager to call himself a “maestro” — the musical term often applied to the greatest orchestral conductors. Imagine how triggering that word must be these days among the leftists since it means “master” and here’s Prager, a white conservative man (a Jew, just to confuse the issue), calling himself a maestro. (Hopefully I didn’t just set them off.)

Here’s a great example of why, in three movements if you will:

  1. Can a Conservative Conduct an Orchestra?
    Dennis Prager – August 01, 2017
  2. Despite the Left’s Intolerance, I Will Conduct an Orchestra
    Dennis Prager – August 15, 2017
  3. Here Are Some Key Ways the Mainstream Media Distorts the Truth
    Dennis Prager – August 23, 2017

Given that reading, and given his conservative politics in what is an almost all-liberal or leftist echo-chamber of the arts, he’d most certainly be responsible for what I am sure is the imminent rebranding of the honorary maestro to, say, comrade.

We used to carry Dennis Prager’s column at our Canadian sister site — in fact he was one of our first columnists — because he’s one of the most respected, most honest, clear-headed, and most compelling columnists today. And of course he’s conservative. He still is all those things as is readily apparent, and we wish we still carried his column.

Visit his website: and listen to his radio show. Read his columns at National Review and Daily Signal, other places.