Progressives believe it’s a core function of gov to pay for crap. Literally.

I’m glad the mainstream media in Canada is bringing this story to light (see article just below), but the overarching story here is political.  People  —  average citizens, your neighbors, folks at the BBQ you’re going to this weekend  —  stand around in wonderment and ask “why does this kind of crap continue to happen?  And the answer is: It’s liberalism.  It’s a tiny example of what “progressive” government is all about.  It’s left-wing loons at work, even within a so-called “Conservative” government.

This symbol of state-funding -- this Canada "logo" -- is ubiquitous in Canada. Nearly everything in Canadian life is now funded by the state. This logo or one like it appears on the album of the punk band discussed here. And just try removing any funding recipients from that state teat! In this case, you will get an organized, riotous protest from fellow "artists", Marxists and socialists, left-wing loons, progressives generally, women with hairy armpits, and the entire pierced nipple set. And then the government will cave. Again. As always.

This story is from Canada but it could just as well be America.

So why isn’t the media asking the pertinent questions?  Why don’t they approach a liberal  —  a supporter of the social engineering that is at work here, and of the state meddling in the free marketplace;  a proponent of this kind of socialist idiocy;  a run-of-the-mill supporter of the socialist imperative of the government funding of every little thing in the lives of citizens who should bear the responsibility of making it on their own, and ask them to explain?

Because the reporters and editors at all the the liberal mainstream media outlets are either too daft as thinkers, they don’t understand the underlying politics behind these things, they are utterly clueless about journalism, or they actually support this kind of crap.  I suspect the answer is that it’s actually an elixir of all of these things, with an extra shot of the latter.  They won’t be standing around the same BBQ as you, this weekend, apparently.

Punk band draws ire of heritage minister

Vancouver rockers ridicule the Bible

By Francois Marchand, Vancouver Sun May 19, 2011

Vancouver punk band Living With Lions has come under fire from American media following the release of its new album Holy S—and has drawn the ire of Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore.

The album’s packaging -designed to look like a Bible with faded pages, lyrics written like Bible verses and subtitled The Poo Testament -features a play on the ascension of Christ, with Jesus portrayed as a piece of excrement.

Holy S—first drew the attention of entertainment magazine L.A. Weekly on Tuesday. The publication pointedly referred to the Canadian government’s role in providing funding support for the album through FACTOR (Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings), the logo of which is prominently displayed on the back of the album.

The album’s liner notes also acknowledge the support of the government of Canada.

They say it’s hard to define pornography but that “you know it when you see it.”  Similarly, this isn’t “the arts.”  I know “art” when I see it or hear it or experience it.  Funding this junk with scarce taxpayer dollars is just stupid idiocy.  Yeah yeah and here’s the requisite ode to freedom of expression for all you who fall back on that obfuscatory position  —  as if that’s the question at hand:  the band  has every freedom and right to be  —  let’s call it like it is  —  total assholes in this free country, just as I have every right to criticize them and call them what they are.  But to fund it or me with taxpayer dollars is/would be craziness.

So why do they  —  the so-called “Conservative” government  —  do it?  Because they’re chicken “excrement.”  They’re too PC to dare to stop it.  And because the party in power, even though they’re called Conservative, is replete with progressives.

Here’s the band’s web site front page.  And an example of your tax dollars at work.  Because it’s a core function of government to pay for this with your money. According to left-wing loons.


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