Fun reading.  And watching.  And pondering.  See, I’m reading my latest copy of the People’s Voice, which is the newspaper of the Communist Party of Canada, which was delivered this morning via the state-owned, state-run Canada Post, whose workers are set to go on strike to gain compensation for the inevitable ongoing modernization of message delivery, its workers having priced themselves out of the market over the decades.  At the same time, I’m also watching the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant CBC news channel, which for its part is currently whitewashing, in every convoluted way possible, the story about the socialist NDP Second-Socialist-in-Command, MP Thomas Mulcair, and the insane remarks made by him yesterday doubting the existence of pictures of a dead Osama bin Laden. Statements which he made on state-owned CBC.

Almost as if to tickle my funny bone, there’s an article in the People’s Voice entitled “NDP and Communists: what are the differences?” Wherein they list maybe three minor ones.

Other articles include the usual extreme left-wing subjects: old chestnuts like the anti-Israel racism with which the left always associate themselves, touting of constant militant worker protests in Canada demanding “economic justice” and “social justice” and every other kind of “justice” (which is all code for socialism), their anti-Canadian-capitalism diatribes, communist-promoting crapspeak, at least one tribute to “socialist Cuba,” the “workers of the world unite” meme, and the usual kind of pro-Palestinian pap spewed by extreme left-wing idiots everywhere.

There are also over 30 display ads in the paper regarding “May Day,” which was on May 1st for those of you who know it better as “May 1st.”  But I only got the paper today, May 5.  So I’m not sure what that speaks to.  Oh who am I kidding of course I do.  That’s a lot of giant red socialist dots to easily connect to come to the conclusion that communists and socialists running a paper, “Printed” as it proudly announces on its front page in big type, “in Canada by union labour;” and then delivered by a strictly state-owned, state-run agency and its public-sector union workers, all “united” in one way or another (possibly by talking to each other every day) to make this paper… pretty damn late, and full of complete crap to boot.

Therefore, among the major advertisers/sponsors of both “May Day” and the Communist Party’s newspaper are the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, and the Canadian Union of Public Employees-Toronto (CUPE-Toronto).  (See those below)

Both of those unions’ employees get their income  —  and the unions get their cash  —  from Canadian taxpayers, ultimately.  So that in itself is fun.  I mean fun in that commie/liberal-fascist/progressive kind of way of course.  And those unions also spread the word much like the Commie Party paper, only in state-owned facilities funded by the state and its taxpayers.  Do they support the things written in that paper?  Do they really want to be associated with that?  Well yes apparently so.

I guess I should be grateful I wasn’t confronted by one of the state-owned CBC’s giant, multi-gazillion-dollar, full-age ads, paid for by all taxpayers, which appeared over the nation in the citizen-owned media in the days prior to the election.  In those ads, they touted themselves as “The only choice on election night.”

The only choice?  Yeah.  Well.  They wish.

In the meantime, they seem quite comfortable spending taxpayer cash pleading with citizens to NOT watch the several tax-paying citizen-owned TV stations and networks, but to watch the state-broadcaster instead, leading to my question which I’ve been asking for years: what kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits, and in the forum of ideas, and news, and moreover, politics? Please do answer if only to yourself.

While the state-owned CBC may make factually incorrect statements which totally mislead Canadians, and they may wish for those things to be true, they do apparently have every right to hope and dream for them, at the rate we’re going.


Ad appearing the Communist Party of Canada’s “People’s Voice” newspaper, in May 2011


Ad appearing the Communist Party of Canada’s “People’s Voice” newspaper, in May 2011