The failing socialist health care system that Canada strangely, steadfastly sticks with today without a fleck of change despite it practically bankrupting several provinces, took root in the still socialist enclave of the province of Saskatchewan, in Canada’s mid-west. 

Saskatchewan is viewed by many on the outside of Saskatchewan as a little bit of the old Soviet Union right on the North American continent.  Unfortunately, the weather is better in Siberia.

Canada has an unflinching attitude of maintaining the socialist health care system—exactly as it is without ever changing it—despite it not working at all (even the World Health Organization ranked Canada’s system 30th in terms of delivering efficient health care to Canadians).  Perhaps they’re embarrassed to admit it doesn’t work and are insistent on pretending it does so they don’t look stupid.

In Saskatchewan, which is led by the unabashedly socialist “NDP” or New Democratic Party, the province’s health care is worse than the weather in winter, and moves about as slow as the oil in the people’s combines in this Soviet-style agrarian society.

While the population of Saskatchewan is barely more than the number of people I had at a party last week, there are wait lists of up to two years for routine procedures that in, say, Bellingham, in Washington State in the U.S. (to use a small town comparison), would take roughly 5 minutes.

The less socialist opposition, the Saskatchewan Party and its leader Brad Wall, embarrassingly gave evidence in the fully-heated provincial legislature about the case of Shelley Sadoway from the town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s second largest city. He said the 45-year-old has been on a waiting list since June 20, 2002, for elective surgery for a gynecological condition.  Let’s hope the gynecological condition wasn’t “pregnancy”.

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