See how others see us (and see how Americans participate!)

Just for something different—and I know this is unusual—I thought I’d give you a sampling of how a huge American blog, LittleGreenFootballs, gets reaction to blog entries—when the blog entry was about Canada.  This will make for a huge long post physically, but there’s really not much reading.  Bear with me. 

The purpose is twofold:  One is to show you the comments, because they’re primarily from common average Americans (well, they’re mostly not liberals so that makes them well above “average”, but anyway).  But the other purpose is to show you the level of participation—how by simply participating and commenting it shows tremendous strength in the ideals shared by the blog’s readers.  It shows that there is a lot of support for non-liberal viewpoints.  This is something not commonly seen in Canada, but something we need! 

See my point?  No?

The blog entry was about Paul Martin and the Liberals’ decision no NOT join the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defence plan. 

Note that this is an American blog.  But also note that this one entry got well over


at last look (12:40 PM PST).  I do realize we’re a smaller country, yes.

Nearly all his blog entries gets hundreds of comments.  This isn’t even remotely unusual.

Here’s a smattering of the first few comments on this Canadian-related blog entry—37 of them.  I realize the formatting didn’t translate very well but you can figure it out.  Please have a look at the link and check it our for yourselves.  Then, by all means, feel free to MAKE A COMMENT, HERE!  Every one of my blog entries has a comments link at the bottom.  You will need to register first, but you have to at LittleGreenFootballs, too. 

Show our strength?  We’re conservatives, rah rah rah?  Get it?  We should be loud and proud, to borrow another group’s annoying mantra?  See my point?  Hello?  Is this thing on?

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obscured by clouds  2/25/2005 07:14PM PST

Maybe we should just go the “missile deflector” route. You mean the missile hit Toronto? Oops!

#2 Grumpy Tory Student  2/25/2005 07:15PM PST

As a Canadian, I’m sorry.

I’m getting bloody sick of having to point out that there are a good number of us who are hoping for almost an antithesis of our current government.

#3 christheprofessor  2/25/2005 07:15PM PST

Toronto?  Bad…  Quebec?  Good… (just kidding…)


Grumpy Tory Student  2/25/2005 07:15PM PST

On second thought…

Please, please, please, for the love of G-d, annex us!

#5 dazoid81  2/25/2005 07:16PM PST

Hate to see the Canadians do something silly…  If the Canadians don’t look out for Canada, who will?

#6 Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)  2/25/2005 07:17PM PST

U.S. says it would fire missiles over Canada

OTTAWA—The United States will decide when to fire missiles over Canadian airspace whether Canada likes it or not, says America’s ambassador. The blunt warning from Paul Cellucci came minutes after Prime Minister Paul Martin announced yesterday that he will not sign on to the controversial U.S. missile defence program.


Pamela  2/25/2005 07:18PM PST

#4 Grumpy Tory Student

I wish we could do just that! Canadians gave us some pretty cool things like hockey and Lacrosse.

#8 christheprofessor  2/25/2005 07:18PM PST

Well, if they won’t watch the sky, can they at least to a better job than the Mexicans of watching their border?

#9 kpom  2/25/2005 07:20PM PST

Well, if we shoot down an incoming missile over Canada without their permission, I guess they’ll just have to declare war on us.

I love the bit about having to consult with and get approval of the Canadian government as the missile is incoming – has anyone explained to the Canadian government how fast missiles travel – or did they think that they could approve the shootdown within a minute or two after being informed?

#10 EE  2/25/2005 07:21PM PST

Canada is becoming more European every day. Now like the Europeans their government refuses to defend itself, leaving it up to the US to do all defense that needs to be done, and assuming that the US will do the necessary work effectively, and at no cost to themselves.

#11 Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)  2/25/2005 07:21PM PST

8   christheprofessor

can they at least to a better job than the Mexicans of watching their border?

God, I hope not.

American Liberals Sneaking Across Border Into Canada

Whats makes it funnier is I cant be sure its satire.

#12 Protagonist  2/25/2005 07:22PM PST


Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?!

This just shows the total insanity of the left, in it most undiluted form North of the Border. They are less afraid of the United States than they are of a strong, virtuous, good United States protecting against genuine evil people.  Their politicians hate the US, and what it stands for, more than they love their own people.

OT, but intriguing and funny

This guy is holding a rabbit ransom for $50,000.00. He has already gotten $15,000.00

I try to sort out what to do about him and his ilk here with a libertarian/authoritarian dialogue.


J.D.  2/25/2005 07:24PM PST

Sorry, Canada.  You’ve elected a weak-kneed moron. 
That’s just plain pitiful.

#14 christheprofessor  2/25/2005 07:24PM PST

Martin is a moonbat of the hightest (no pun intended) order.

#15 TaggartTranscontinental  2/25/2005 07:25PM PST

Obviously, I don’t blame Canadian citizens for this back-handed slap to the face. I blame their government. Even the most pacifistic Canadian citizens must realize that any attack from China, Russia, or North Korea would travel through the Arctic region, over Canada, before reaching the US. I suppose they’ll just have to pray that Russian rockets are built well enough to make the entire journey instead of falling 500 miles short.


Glaucon  2/25/2005 07:25PM PST

But the leader of the NDP said the only delusion is in the minds of people imagining scare scenarios of some potential missile attack.

“These are the kind of hypothetical questions that (George) Bush has tried to create in the minds of people to elevate a sense of fear.

“The fact is that if Canada is a part of a program like this, then we become a target.”

Weakness is strength, vulnerability is security.

#17 00buckshot  2/25/2005 07:26PM PST

They will regret this when North Korea or Iran drop a load of shit on Montreal or Calgary, but Quebec will cheer. We should not wait for this to happen

pre-emptive good, waiting for it, no good!


christheprofessor  2/25/2005 07:27PM PST

#11 Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)

I should have specified that we don’t give a rat’s arse which moonbats sneak out, we just want to make sure those who would harm us don’t sneak in…

#19 lmg  2/25/2005 07:28PM PST

We used to have a bond with Canada. Both nations were peopled by mostly white, Christian, Anglo/European, Western folks. We were neighbors, and almost brothers. North America was our continent, and we protected it together. We were there for each other.

I guess that’s all gone now.

#20 Kragar (Proud to be Kafir)  2/25/2005 07:28PM PST

18   christheprofessor  

I know, just kidding.

#21 dhimmishelter  2/25/2005 07:29PM PST

It is a pity to see what has happened to a once great, proud and courageous nation.  The nation that sent soldiers to fight against fascists in Europe and fought valiantly, is now implementing sharia law in various provicnes and joining the EU in the common bond of hatred toward the US, Austraiia, and Britain.  PC run amok, with a dash of Vichy French nationalism makes for bitter stew north of our border.  It is a pity to see what they have become. 

Whatever happened to Brian Mulroney? 

Oh well, perhaps when they fully implement sharia law so that the property,…. er I mean women that are imprisoned to the male followers of the profit they can count on their friends in the Muddle East to defend them. They don’t get it, half measures don’t work with the Muslim fascists, it is either total submission, dhimmitude, or death.
Too bad, I was going to visit soon.  Not now.  Not a dime spent in the future provinces of Canadastan.

#22 zeppenwolf  2/25/2005 07:33PM PST

“The first impact, he suggested, will come next year when the Norad agreement comes up for renewal…”

Let’s hope that “the first impact” wipes out only the leftie moonbat Canadians who value liberalism more than integrity…

Presuming, for a moment, to speak for all right-thinking Americans, could I ask all sensible Canadians to move to one city, preferably something near a red US state?  Thank you.


#23 Midwest Pundit  2/25/2005 07:34PM PST

OT…  I didn’t see anyone mention the Hollywood actor that came out Republican tonight.


Skippy  2/25/2005 07:34PM PST

I suspect part of the issue with the Canadians – besides their annoying penchant for following European trends – is money.  Quite simply, the Canadian healtcare care system is bankrupting the country and, as a result, they’ve been cannibalizing the defense budget to pay for it all for years.  That is only going to get worse.

Missle defense ain’t gonna be cheap, though, obviously the Canadian government is.

#25 CB  2/25/2005 07:34PM PST

I wonder if terrorist could threaten to launch a nuke on Canada in order to force the US to respond.  We are tied together in enough ways where I doubt we could afford to ignore it. 

I suppose the most likely threat would be from the direction of North Korea, so the Aegis stationed around Japan and the ABM in Alaska and California would have a good shot at any missle first.

#26 rumcrook  2/25/2005 07:35PM PST

if I were bush I would do a press confrence and speak directly to the canadian people, I would tell them that thier government has spoken and we are genuinely sorry that we will have to ascede to thier wishes and soveriegnty by not firing missles over canadian territory even though those missles would be meant for incoming nukes.

and if they (the canadian people) have a problem being immolated in a nuclear holocoust in order to asert thier independence and soveriegnty they need to take it up with thier government.

but under no circumstances will we violate canadian soveriegnty…….

maybe a speach like that might finnally light a fire under the normal canucks sitting on thier butts.

#27 Billy Hank  2/25/2005 07:35PM PST

To remember that these are the children and granchildren of the men who took Juno.

#28 kpom  2/25/2005 07:37PM PST

I think that we should seek a formal statement from the Canadian government that if we a tracking a missile that is en route to impact on a Canadian city, that the Canadian government does not want us to shoot it down.

Methinks the Canadian officers at NORAD will soon politely be shown the door…


LiveFreeOrDie  2/25/2005 07:37PM PST

#8 christheprofessor 2/25/2005 07:18PM PST

Well, if they won’t watch the sky, can they at least to a better job than the Mexicans of watching their border?

Unfortunately, I think the Mexican border is our own fault.

It would be nice to have real partners though.

#30 lmg  2/25/2005 07:39PM PST

#26: Canada is still a democracy, for now. The people elect their government, and are responsible for its actions.


Son of a Pig and a Monkey  2/25/2005 07:39PM PST

Hey, I’m a loser, baby,

I’m a loser, baby
So why don’t you kill me

#32 iowahawk  2/25/2005 07:39PM PST

Let the pillaging begin.

#33 Rayra  2/25/2005 07:41PM PST

man, just look at their 2005 budget document –  linky

NO section about Defence in the TOC.

#34 christheprofessor  2/25/2005 07:41PM PST

#29 Livefree or die

Unfortunately, I think the Mexican border is our own fault.

You are correct, sir…

#35 ronaldusmagnus  2/25/2005 07:41PM PST

So – if Canada is rejecting missile defense, that means they will be accepting missiles, right?

Or am I missing something?

#36 UglyAmerican  2/25/2005 07:42PM PST

and renting all the good Susan Sarandon movies.

I have my own copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on DVD…

Did she do anything else of interest?

#37 JP  2/25/2005 07:42PM PST

Martin – Canada’s version of Jimmy Carter.

Seriously, we need to change the way we behave here in Canada if we want to affect change (to the right!) in our country.  This is just one way but potentially a powerful way.  Blogs have a huge impact—or could have. 

Note the comment link below this and all the blog entries.  There’s even a handy counter in brackets telling you how many comments there are to read.

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